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Climsom Intense: cooling and warming mattress topper for the legs


Climsom Intense: cooling and warming mattress topper for the legs

Relieve your legs with the Intense cooling mattress topper. With an adjustable temperature from as low as 15°C, it allows a localised application of cold to relieve heavy legs, restless legs (RLS) and impatience.
Temperature adjustable from 15° to 48°C (59° to 118°F)
Limited size (70x100 cm / 28x39") for localised freshness
Comes with a wireless remote and a EU plug (+ a UK plug adapter for UK delivery)
Installation and first use are fast and easy
30-day money-back guarantee


Relieve your pain and unpleasant sensations with the Climsom Intense water-conditioned mattress topper!

Born from a meeting with Dr. Tamburini, a French phlebologist, Climsom Intense is a cooling/heating mattress topper thanks to a water circulation system whose temperature can be adjusted to the nearest degree from 15° to 48°C (59° to 118°F).

The Climsom Intense cooling (and heating) mattress topper therefore allows very cool or very warm temperatures to be reached as close to the body as possible thanks to :

  • A limited size (70x100 cm / 28x39") to concentrate the coolness on the legs or the warmth on the bac

  • A removable cover that allows you to use only the inner mattress topper for an even more intense sensation!

  • The silicone material allows a better temperature diffusion than the textile

  • The amount of water circulating in the Climsom Intense mattress topper is greater than in the traditional Climsom mattress topper.

Heat application                                                                      Freshness application 











Do your legs hurt? CLIMSOM INTENSE can reach very cool temperatures, up to 15°C!

This striking coolness is particularly appreciated by people who suffer from heavy legs at night or restless legs syndrome (impatience).
The CLIMSOM INTENSE water-conditioned mattress topper should then be placed under the legs.

The results are felt from the first use with immediate relief of pain thanks to the triple effect of the localised application of cold on your legs:

  • Analgesic effect for immediate and lasting pain relief
  • Vasoconstrictor effect to stimulate blood circulation
  • Anti-inflammatory effect to relieve redness, heat, swelling and pain

French Professor Damien Léger, from the Sleep and Vigilance Centre of the Hotel-Dieu (Paris, France) and Climsom have conducted the first pilot study on the link between sleep quality and the temperature of the immediate sleep environment: the bed.
Here are the main results and benefits of the Climsom water-conditioned mattress topper:

  • Improving the quality of the night: + 58%
  • Dynamism when waking up: +48%
  • Improving the quality of the day: + 19%
  • Increased sleep time: +23 minutes


Relieve heavy legs and chronic venous insufficiency

Linked to poor blood circulation in the veins, heavy legs will appreciate the cold of the Intense mattress topper.

The vasoconstrictor effect of the cold will tighten the blood vessels for better blood circulation, while its anti-inflammatory effect will act on swelling and relieve pain (sore calves, swollen ankles...).

Such effect is quite immediate. In the long term, the cold will also improve blood reflux and prevent the appearance of varicosities and varicose veins for much lighter legs.

It will be just as beneficial in the fight against oedemas, both to prevent their appearance and to reduce them.

The Climsom Intense water-conditioned mattress topper has brought relief to a large number of our users.
Find out how these people who suffer from heavy legs have improved their nights with the Climsom Intense.


Relieve nocturnal impatience of Willis Ekbom's disease (restless legs)

Climsom Intense is a natural solution to be tested to calm this need to move the legs permanently while lying down.

In 75% of cases, the coolness is effective in relieving restless legs syndrome (RLS).

People who are prone to impatience will notice a reduction in night-time movements from the very first applications. Climsom Intense will therefore help you spend calmer nights: less fragmented, your sleep will be much more restful.

Dr. Pérémarty, a sleep specialist and graduate of the French Society for Sleep Research and Medicine, testifies: "cooling the bed brings real relief both in terms of the quality of sleep and the complaint of impatience that is often associated with it."


When to use the cooling mode ?

The Intense mattress topper is also appreciated in case of night sweats or hot flushes (especially during menopause).
Thanks to the regulation of your body temperature, you will have a much better night's sleep on your cool mattress topper and will wake up feeling good again.

During a heat wave, the Climsom Intense allows you to keep the temperature of your bed under control.
Who has never known the impossibility of falling asleep when the temperatures refuse to go down even at night? Those days are over with the Climsom Intense cooling mattress topper.

The cooling mattress topper Intense is also interesting for activating the body's brown fats and thus generating a fat-burning effect: the brown fats will burn the white fats of the body, during your sleep and for 24 hours afterwards!

When to use the heating mode ?

- To warm up your bed in winter

Although the recommended temperature for a good night's sleep is 18°C, it sometimes happens that when you get into bed, the feeling of coolness can be quite unpleasant... The Climsom Intense can then be used as an extra bed heater!

By switching it on about thirty minutes before going to bed, you will then benefit from a bed in which it will be pleasant to curl up.

Safer than an electric blanket, the Climsom Intense also means that you are not in direct contact with the electrical circuit, as this is in the thermocontroller located at the foot of your bed.

- To relieve back pain

The heat provided by the water will relax your muscles, relieve your pain and remove toxins by increasing the vascularity of the heated area.

Such heat is particularly appreciated by people suffering from back pain.
The Climsom Intense will then be positioned under the upper part of the body, excluding the legs.

- To help with sports recovery

For sportsmen and women, recovery is essential to prevent fatigue or injury and improve performance. Unfortunately, it is often neglected: this is where the Climsom Intense comes in.

With its adjustable temperature of up to 48°C, you have a warm bath effect conducive to relaxation. It is also useful to relieve minor aches and pains.

The cold mode is also useful in case of inflammation or muscle damage.

The water can reach up to 48°C: beware, for most users, this heat will be considered too intense! Especially since the silicone surface diffuses this heat strongly.
Choose your personal comfort temperature gradually to the nearest degree.


- Quick to install: just assemble the components, pour water into the tank and you're ready to go!

- User-friendly: thanks to the included remote control, you can even adjust the temperature without leaving your bed.

- Universal: the cooling/heating Climsom Intense mattress topper fits all bedding!

A UK plug adapter is included for UK delivery.



  • THE solution for all those who can't sleep without a sheet during a heat wave!
    Set your thermo-controller to 15°C about thirty minutes before going to bed and cover it with your sheet.
    The coolness will then spread throughout the bed: you'll be happy to slip into a fresh bed!

  • An alternative to air conditioning for those who cannot stand it (source of migraines or headaches, allergies, ENT problems...).
    If you can tolerate air conditioning, the Climsom Intense can be used as a complement or replacement at night: less energy consuming and less noisy, it will allow you to enjoy the coolness where you need it most, in your bed!

    Good to know: the thermocontroller does not emit any greenhouse gases and has a very low power consumption compared to a traditional air-conditioner!

  • You can program your Climsom with the "Timer" function so that your bed is at the right temperature when you want it.
    The Climsom can be switched off automatically after a few hours or started only when you are asleep, for example by programming a delayed start of one hour.


What's in the box ?

- a 70x100 cm mattress topper with its removable cover for a more intense feeling of the temperatures

- a thermocontroller allowing you to select your comfort temperature, accompanied by its user guide

- a remote control with batteries to control the device without leaving the bed

- a 1.25 meter hose to connect the mattress topper to the thermocontroller

- a "30-day money back guarantee" to test the device at home and see if it meets your expectations

And of course, if you have any questions or need advice, our team is at your disposal by telephone (+33(0) 2 85 52 44 74) or by e-mail (





Package contentsThermocontroller with remote + "Intense" mattress topper + 1.25 meter hose
Size of the mattress topper70x100 cm (28x39") for localised action on legs or back
ApplicationsHeavy legs, restless legs, impatience, sweating, night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, sleep disorders, heat wave, back pain, neck pain, lumbago, aches, cold feet, brown fat
Noise level of the thermocontrollerAround 30 db at cruising speed, and a maximum of 35 db if the device is not far away or in search of a target temperature.
The vast majority of Climsom users are pleasantly surprised by the discretion of the device, and those who are particularly sensitive to noise when falling asleep quickly find a suitable strategy.
Dimensions du thermocontrôleur24x29x17 cm / 9x11x7"
Packaging35x35x35cm (14x14x14") - Weight : 6kgs (13lbs)
User manual Download the Climsom Intense user manual
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posted the 03/04/2024
Le problème récurrent avec ce produit est le bruit engendré lors de son fonctionnement. Il est correct mais s’il était plus silencieux ce serait encore mieux !

posted the 24/04/2023 by TARRiRE
Avec la chaleur du lit j'éprouve une sensation de brulure sur la plante des pieds, Rè glé à 19 è lethermo-controleus me permet de créer une zone froide au fond du lit, cela me soulage efficassement depuis une bonne disaine d'années

Très satisfaite de mon achat posted the 25/11/2021 by Jacotte
J'utilise le sumatelas rafraîchissant pour les jambes. De 2h à 5h du matin. Effet garanti et bénéfique.

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