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Pocket Hand Warmer - Climsom


Pocket Hand Warmer - Climsom

Practical and easy to use, this infinitely reusable pocket hand warmer will keep your hands warm throughout the winter and during cold days.
Set of 2 pocket hot water bottles
Infinitely reusable hand warmer
Practical and easy to use
Portable and instant heat

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Warm up your hands in an instant

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These re-usable instant hand warmers are great to pop in a pocket on a cold day.
You don't always have a hot cup nearby to warm your hands. This instant and reusable hand warmer will be very useful to you.

It easily fits in your pocket during a cold day. Simply snap the metal disc inside the hand warmer to activate it, and you'll have warm hands for about 30 minutes.


With our set of 2 hand warmers, you can enjoy about 1 hour of heat wherever you are. The ultimate in portable heat!

These small hand warmers are also ideal for winter sports holidays, mountain walks, or simply for those who often have cold hands, no matter the season!

How to use the pocket hand warmer:

  • Gently flex the metal disk back and forth until the hand warmer activates and the inner gel hardens.
  • Upon activation, the hand warmer can reach up to 43°C and will remain warm for about 30 minutes.
  • You can wrap a thin towel or cloth around the hand warmer to prolong its warming time.

Once the hand warmer is used, immerse it in boiling water and boil for approximately 5 minutes until the gel returns to its original liquid form. Then remove it from the water and wait until the hand warmer is completely cooled before reusing it.



CompositionHypoallergenic PVC and non-toxic gel
StandardsCertified medical quality, ISO certification
InstructionsDownload the Pocket Hand Warmer instructions
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