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Refreshing Masks


Refreshing Masks

Refreshing Face Mask + Mask Eye contour
1 Eye Mask
1 Face Mask
Unique and adjustable size
hypoallergenic gel


This pack includes two masks to suit your needs : one mask to localize the refreshing action on the eye contour and one mask to apply the freshness on your entire face.

Embellish your look and firm up your face instantly and permanently !

Refreshing your face is a gesture of beauty that has been known for thousands of years for its beneficial and immediate effects on facial appearance:
tightened pores, dark circles eased for a fresh and relaxed face.

eye mask


Refreshing masks will give you freshness and a glow to your face at all times !
Using a conditioning mask immediately gives you a refreshing and younger look.

But why use cold?

- Calms skin inflammation and redness
- Boosts the blood circulation
- Tightens pores
- Tightens the skin
- Soothes pain
- 'Deflate' pockets and congested faces

face mask




When can I use a refreshing mask ?

- To ease puffy eyes, dark circles and puffiness and regain a more dynamic look
- For skin conditions such as eczema or acne
- To tone the skin and boost circulation for a younger appearance
- To tighten pores
- For dull skin
- To remove traces of tiredness and have a more relaxed and cooler face
- To relieve damaged skin by sunburn or surgery (laser surgery, peeling, etc ...)
- To relieve headaches

Let your refreshing masks in the refrigerator or place them in the freezer a few minutes for an ice cube effect. Use your refreshing eye or facial mask 10-15 minutes a day for immediate effect and a more permanent improvement of your skin appearence.

Pack contents1 eye mask + 1 face mask
Masks contentPlastic and hypoallergenic gel
NormsCE norms
SizeUnique, the elastic allows you to adjust the size to all heads
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Customer Reviews
Super rafraîchissant ! posted the 07/02/2024 by Mimeus 974
Masque super rafraîchissant et hydratant ! Quand on l'enlève le visage est détendu et frais .J'aime beaucoup je recommande !

Partiques et tellement agréables ! posted the 28/08/2023
Fraîcheur et bonne mine garantis !

Un vrai soin posted the 24/08/2020 by Magou
J’adore, je ne m’en passe plus, je m’en sers tous les jours, ma peau est beaucoup plus lisse, les pores estompés, et mes cernes sont nettement moins prononcées !! C’Est top! Je l’utilise aussi quand j’ai des maux de tête (ma fille et mon mari également !) C’est tout les jours un bon moment de détente Je ne les ai utilisé que fois sorti du frigo pour le moment

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