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Silk eye mask Climsom Silk

Climsom Silk

Silk eye mask Climsom Silk

Climsom Silk
A true night and beauty accessory that offers absolute darkness and protects your skin from dehydration.
100% mulberry silk, this silk sleep mask is comfortable, anti-light and anti-wrinkle.
100% natural mulberry silk inside and outside
Soft and covering: for a good night's sleep in complete darkness
Silk preserves the skin's moisture unlike other materials
Best value of money!
Oeko-tex standard 100



Invented many years ago by the Japanese, the sleep mask has become a must-have that might become hard to do without..
This Climsom Silk eye mask will have you completely hooked!

Made of 100% mulberry silk (the highest quality silk), both inside and out, it is comfortable, anti-light, anti-fatigue and anti-wrinkle!

This silk eye mask will completely immerse you in the dark, making it an ideal accessory for a quick nap on the sofa or when travelling, in a hotel room with transparent curtains...
Small and light, you can slip it in anywhere.

Very comfortable to wear, it stays in place thanks to its adjustable silk-covered elastic that fits all heads.
It is soft and its padded side will not fail to seduce you! Its black colour effectively filters light for a quicker fall asleep.
The brain associates darkness with sleep and produces more melatonin, the sleep hormone.

A night mask but also a beauty mask that will allow you to gain in both sleep and skin quality

> You will fall asleep more easily and enjoy a deep and restful sleep
> You will enjoy the anti-wrinkle and anti-dry skin benefits of silk

The winning duo for a beautiful and radiant skin.
So opt for a healthy glow in the morning with the Climsom silk night mask!

The Climsom Silk Eye Mask is made of 100% mulberry silk, filling as well as cover (inside and outside).
100% silk, 100% softness, the Climsom Silk Eye Mask is offered at an unbeatable price for such a quality of mask and silk (density 19 mommes)!

How can we offer a premium quality silk pillowcase at a limited price?

We have chosen to focus only on a version of the silk eyemask that is the most effective in terms of benefits and quality, and to remove all ancillary items that would increase the cost:

  • A single black colour rather than a choice of colours for more darkness
  • Minimum packaging: less waste and less cost
  • Sending by letter and not by parcel
  • Limited margins and reduced costs due to direct sourcing from a manufacturer who has been working exclusively with silk for decades and direct distribution without intermediaries


Silk is your best ally in pampering your skin:


> Thanks to its 18 amino acids and proteins, silk prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Its softness will protect the delicate skin around the eyes during the night.

> Hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, silk is ideal for sensitive skin: it prevents skin inflammation and limits imperfections (acne, itching, eczema...).
It is particularly recommended for people with allergies.

> Thermoregulating: you won't sweat under your silk night mask.

> Unlike other materials, silk preserves the skin's moisture.
No more waking up with dry or wrinkled skin. You will also enjoy all the benefits of your cream, which will not end up being absorbed by a cotton or synthetic night mask, depriving you of all the benefits of your care.

> Silk offers maximum comfort, a velvety feel and a chic look.



Climsom Silk eye mask can be washed by hand or in the washing machine at 30°C (86°F) on a silk or delicate programme without spinning.

Machine wash:

  • First, we advise you to put your sleep mask in a laundry bag to protect the silk during the wash cycle. 
  • Place your silk mask in the washing machine on silk or delicate cycle with a maximum water temperature of 30°C (86°F).
  • Avoid spinning, or favour a light, slow spin.
  • Use a towel to wring out excess water from the mask.
  • Dry in the open air. Never tumble dry them and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Hand wash:

  • Fill a basin with water at 30°C (86°F)
  • Use a special silk detergent
  • Soak the silk eye mask for 3 minutes
  • Dip the mask in water several times
  • Rinse with lukewarm water: 30°C (86°F)
  • Use a towel to wring out excess water from the mask (do not rub or twist)
  • Dry in the open air.
External composition100% natural mulberry silk - 19 mommes density
Inner composition100% natural mulberry silk - 19 mommes density
One-sizeAdjustable elastic
CertificationOeko-Tex Standard 100
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Customer Reviews
Parfait posted the 03/08/2023
Masque très doux , bien enveloppant, aucune lumière. J’envisage d’en acheter un 2 eme

Super masque de nuit posted the 08/05/2022 by Alice
La lumière (même faible) m'empêche de dormir. J'ai testé de nombreux masques et celui-ci est le mieux que j'ai pu tester et de loin : très agréable à porter, doux, épais, confortable et surtout adaptable a ma petite tête. L'élastique a l'air solide, je pense qu'il durera dans le temps. Je crois que je vais en recommander un, c'est dire!

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