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Climsom Silk 100% silk pillowcase and sleep mask

Climsom SILK

Climsom Silk 100% silk pillowcase and sleep mask

Climsom SILK
A 100% natural silk pillowcase and a Climsom Silk silk sleep mask for restorative nights: hydration for the skin, eye area, and hair, absolute darkness, comfort, and freshness all night long!
Contains a silk pillowcase and a Climsom Silk silk sleep mask
100% natural mulberry silk pillowcase and seams
100% natural mulberry silk mask both inside and out
Superior silk quality: 19 mommes
Naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant



The Climsom Silk Pillowcase

You only have the size left to choose!

Because many choices of silk pillowcases are available to you, Climsom SILK has studied and selected the ideal, essential, luxurious pillowcase with the best possible quality/price ratio!
Far from synthetic silk or even synthetic satin like there are many, the Climsom Silk silk pillowcase is made entirely of real silk rich in its 18 natural amino acids and proteins.

From fabric to seams, this pillowcase is made of 100% farm-raised mulberry silk with a 19 momme density, making it superior quality silk! If you want to experience all the benefits of silk on your skin and hair, this is undoubtedly the silk quality to choose.
Fragile beard and irritation from shaving? You too gentlemen, give your skin some softness!
Untreated chemically and undyed, it retains its ivory color and is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and anti-dust mites.

Its meticulous finishes ensure quality, solidity, and longevity!

Concretely, all you have left to do is choose from the two available dimensions:
- Square pillowcase of 65 x 65 cm
- Rectangular pillowcase of 50 x 75 cm


The Climsom Silk sleep mask

Invented many years ago by the Japanese, the sleep mask has become a must-have that quickly becomes difficult to do without. This Climsom Silk silk sleep mask will make you completely addicted!

Made 100% of mulberry silk (the highest quality silk), both inside and out, it is both comfortable, light-blocking, anti-fatigue, and anti-wrinkle!

This silk eye mask will plunge you completely into darkness, making it an ideal accessory for a quick nap on the couch or while traveling, in a hotel room with see-through curtains... Small and light, you can slip it anywhere.

Your partner is used to reading before falling asleep and therefore leaves their bedside lamp on? Put on your mask and enjoy this soft feeling of well-being conducive to falling asleep: very soft and very covering, this silk eye mask is both comfortable and light-blocking.

Very pleasant to wear, it stays in place well thanks to its adjustable elastic covered in silk that adapts to all heads. It is soft and its padded side will not fail to seduce you!
Its black color effectively filters out light for faster sleep. In fact, the brain associates darkness with sleep and then produces more melatonin, the sleep hormone.



Enjoy a 100% Silk Night

Silk is an effective combination of comfort and beauty:

  • It naturally preserves skin hydration and does not absorb your moisturizers and hydrating treatments.
  • It limits the appearance of irritations and imperfections
  • It maintains the beauty of hair and beard: it does not weaken them and maintains their natural hydration
  • Naturally anti-dust mite, it limits allergies
  • Silk is thermoregulatory, soft, and non-irritating: it prevents facial overheating during the night
  • Composed of 18 amino acids, it prevents the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines




Climsom Silk silk pillowcases and silk sleep masks are washable by hand or in the machine at 30°C on a silk or delicate program without spinning. Since silk is not absorbent and does not allow dust mites to develop, it is possible to wash your pillowcases and masks less frequently.

Machine washing:

  • Before placing the pillowcases in the machine, we recommend putting them in a protective net (not mandatory)
  • Choose the Silk program or delicate fabric program for washing at low temperature (no more than 30°C).
  • Avoid spinning, or favor a light and slow spin.
  • Use a towel to squeeze out the excess water from the silk pillowcases.
  • Dry the silk pillowcases in the open air. Never put them in the dryer and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Hand washing:

  • Fill a basin with water at 30°C
  • Add a detergent for silk
  • Let the silk pillowcases soak for 3 minutes
  • Immerse each pillowcase in the water several times
  • Rinse the pillowcases with warm water: 30°C
  • Remove the excess water with a towel after washing (do not rub or wring them)
  • For drying: hang the silk pillowcases in the open air


What you should never do:

  • Never spray perfume or deodorant on silk
  • Never wash with a bleach agent
  • Do not expose silk to direct sunlight for too long
  • Always iron silk on the reverse side (temperature between 110°C and 150°C)
Dimensions of the silk pillowcaseChoice of: 65 x 65 cm / 50 x 75 cm
One size silk sleep maskAdjustable elastic
Silk quality (pillowcase and mask)100% natural mulberry silk, 19 momme density - grade 6A
Properties100% natural mulberry silk, 19 momme density - grade 6A
BenefitsHypoallergenic, untreated chemically, anti-dust mites and anti-moths
CareMachine wash at 30°C on silk or delicate cycle, or hand wash without bleach, essential oils, detergent, or other products that could damage the fiber. Do not soak for too long. Air dry. Ironing possible on the reverse side, iron set to "silk" mode.
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Customer Reviews
Très agréable posted the 16/05/2024 by Catherine
Douce et fraîche, j'utilise cette taie en soie toutes les nuits j'en suis très satisfaite.

Excellente taie d'oreiller en soie posted the 18/03/2024 by M95
Belle qualité, douceur, pour un sommeil de meilleure qualité. Je dors mieux sur cette taie d'oreiller. Mes cheveux ne sont plus emmêlés au réveil. Entretien facile (lavage à la main).

Une incroyable douceur posted the 01/01/2024 by Béatrice
Quel plaisir de dormir sur une taie en soie. C'est une vraie caresse pour la peau. Mes cheveux apprécient également. C'est un article que je recommande. Je pense aussi faire l'acquisition d'oreillers en soie pour améliorer la qualité de mon sommeil.

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