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Snowballs underwear

Improves fertility and increases testosterone levels naturally
69.00 € TTC
Snowballs underwear
Increases testosterone levels naturally
Improves masculine fertility

Cooling underwear for Men : Snowballs

Mother nature has placed human testes in an external pouch to the body (called the scrotum ) for a good reason : the efficient production of  sperm and testosterone which are optimal in 36 ° C, over 1 degree below the body temperature .

The modern lifestyle makes us wear warm clothes and often keeps us in a sitting position ... which destroyed this temperature difference and with it our ability to create the optimum testosterone and sperm quantity and quality.

Studies show that cold applied to the scrotum allows increased levels of testosterone and improve male fertility naturally, rapidly and significantly .


Improve fertility

Excess heat in the testicles impedes spermatogenesis , which results in a lower quality sperm , and in smaller quantities. The use of Snowballs  unerwear, by acting directly on testicular cooling, will lead to a better sperm production : studies show up to a doubling of the concentration and motility. One use of 3 months at a rate of 2 hours per day is optimal to significantly increase their chances of conception.


Increases testosterone

Lowering the testicles temperature has been a method used for a long time to increase testosterone naturally. Natural Testosterone has many beneficial effects on the body :

  • Promotes building muscle mass and athletic performance
  • Prevents the formation of fat (better fat burning )
  • Contributes to bone density
  • Boosts libido and improves quality of sex
Contains2 underwears, 3 gel pockets, 1 booklet
Sizes4 sizes : S (74-79 cm), M (81-86 cm), L (89-94 cm) ou XL (94-99 cm)
UseFreeze 1 hour before use for about 30 minutes of cold. Use 2 hours per day ideally alternating with other SnowWedges placed in the freezer.
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Customer Reviews
Un bon concept posted the 26/09/2020 by Tom
Agréable à porter, ça réveille!
Satisfait je vais en prendre d'autres posted the 29/06/2020 by hytsugaya
Livraison dans les délais, produit très confortable et très bien pensé, je recommande VRAIMENT. A voir dans le temps les effets positifs mentionnés
posted the 12/10/2015 by Michel
Satisfait du service, livraison dans le temps annoncé et conforme à la commande.
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