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Climsom Acupressure Bracelets

Climsom Zen

Climsom Acupressure Bracelets

Climsom Zen
The acupressure bracelet is used as a massage for the hands and wrists. By rolling it, you stimulate the nerve endings and acupressure points for an immediate feeling of well-being and serenity.
Pack of 2 acupressure bracelets with case
One size fits all hands and wrists
Relieves joint pain and loosens hands
Natural and sensory stress relief



A simple and effective hand and wrist massage!

At the office, while traveling, on public transportation? Feeling stressed, anxious, irritated, or just want to relax?

Make the acupressure bracelet your "stress relief ball"!

It's not always easy to take a few moments for yourself, breathe, and relax when strong emotions arise. The place, the moment, or the method may not always be conducive to relaxation!

So, to help you relax discreetly wherever you are, try the acupressure bracelet!

Beyond emotional management, the acupressure bracelet is recommended for people suffering from hand arthritis or for pianists, DIYers, gardeners, and other manual workers looking to loosen and relax their hands.


Are you experiencing joint pain?

The acupressure bracelet relieves them by boosting blood microcirculation through its massage and acupressure effects. You'll indeed find the same benefits as with the acupressure mat or ring, while targeting the effect on your hands and wrists.

Like acupressure rings, the acupressure bracelet brings flexibility to the wrist joints! For instance, a piano teacher equipped all his students to work on the flexibility of their fingers. The operation is the same for the acupressure bracelet at the wrist and hands level!

The Climsom Zen acupressure bracelet is also a natural and sensory stress reliever: roll it on your wrist to gain serenity. Each pass reduces tension and stiffness, helping you refocus on the present moment.

Compact, the acupressure bracelet fits everywhere to accompany you and be there when you need it most.



Roll the acupressure bracelet along your hands and wrists for a few minutes. It will stimulate all the nerve endings and acupressure points located at their levels directly linked to the brain. The bracelet will immediately bring a feeling of well-being and serenity.

Using the acupressure bracelet activates blood microcirculation in the hands. A characteristic tingling sensation follows the use of the object. That's a good sign!

Upon trying it out, the sensation is astonishing. Once in hand, the object has something fascinating about it and makes you want to manipulate it... Those familiar with acupressure mats know that this type of accessory can generate various, sometimes unexpected benefits!

Pack content2 acupressure bracelets + case + cardboard box
SizeUnique and unisex
MaterialStainless steel with silver coating
Usage precautionsDo not leave the bracelet on the wrist or hand without rolling it (risk of pain and circulation problems due to the pressure of the bracelet)
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