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Climsom Magnets for weight loss


Climsom Magnets for weight loss

Two auriculotherapy magnets to help you slim down. A gentle, natural, simple, and effective method to regulate your appetite and limit excess. Accompanied by a practical mini magnetic box and an explanatory leaflet for weight loss.
Natural, simple, and effective method for slimming
A kit of two high-quality auriculotherapy magnets
Complimentary mini magnetic box
An aid for weight loss

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To achieve this, you're looking for a natural, gentle, simple, and effective method. You may have already tried several methods that didn't work; they may not have been suitable for your needs (various diets, high-protein diets, fasting...) or not sufficient. Especially, the difficulty often lies in excessive appetite, cravings that make it difficult to stick to your resolutions. What if there was a solution to calm your appetite and cravings and make it easier to regulate your diet?

The Slimming Magnets are a simple, effective solution that doesn't disrupt your daily life. It's a gentle method using auriculotherapy, recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization). You just have to place the magnets on either side of a strategic point on your ear: the two magnets attract each other and exert pressure that stimulates the point to work on.


To lose weight, the magnets will stimulate the point responsible for appetite regulation, the one that limits excesses. Digestion will also be improved as the magnetic field will reach the point of the stomach very close to the point worked on by the Slimming Magnets.


Our Magnets come with a small magnetized box with a mirror that will allow you to transport and store them without losing them. We recommend positioning them on the mirror so that you can grasp them more easily. This box can also serve as a display by placing the magnets on the magnetized lid; this way, they will be easy to retrieve. These are high-quality magnets, made of neodymium with a gold coating, manufactured by a specialized factory that is one of the main suppliers to cutting-edge industries as well as the health industry.


It's stronger than you, and it has become a ritual; you can't help but nibble on a piece of chocolate, cheese, or a small cake, just this time... You tell yourself "tomorrow I'll stop!" but ultimately, the same habits persist over time.

Unfortunately, these indulgences can be harmful if they are regular and could jeopardize your health (excessive overweight or even obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases...). But it's hard to get rid of them; the frustration is too great, and the desire is very present.

It is precisely at this point that slimming magnets will help you. They will allow you to control your appetite and regulate and alleviate these frustrations. You will thus feel more easily the sensation of satiety by stimulating the area of your body responsible for controlling your appetite and food cravings.

To note:

It is important to set achievable and above all non-restrictive goals so as not to add stress to your daily life. It is especially important to feel good and to ensure that overweight does not affect your health (for example, we know that a deprivation diet cannot be sustained in the long term).

There are some habits to adopt to improve your lifestyle and thus optimize the achievement of your goals:

  • Get enough sleep: necessary to recharge your batteries and be physically and mentally fit.
  • Regular physical activity: to burn calories, stay fit, and sculpt your silhouette, and to help you relieve stress.
  • Have a healthy and balanced diet: have a varied diet and drink water regularly (of course, don't deprive yourself of some little pleasures when it's controlled and occasional).
  • Manage your stress: to avoid snacking and excesses.

Once these habits are established in your daily life, your body will be more receptive to the chosen method for your weight loss.



The kit contains two magnets of different sizes (one large and one small), a mini-box to facilitate transport and prevent loss, and an instruction manual.


The magnets are to be placed in this way: the small one on the outer part of the ear and the large one on the inner part, as shown in the image.

There are two ways to use the Magnets to choose from according to your preference and your lifestyle habits:

- Solution 1: Place the magnets 4 times a day away from meals for 30 minutes (it can be clever to use the magnets at the beginning of a craving to calm the urge).
- Solution 2: Place the magnets 15 minutes before main meals (lunch, dinner, and breakfast if it is abundant), keep them while you eat, and then for another 15 minutes after the end of your meal.



The gesture can then become a slimming ritual and a valuable ally to face all those moments when willpower wavers due to excessive pressure from the body.

The magnetized mini-box will allow you to carry your magnets everywhere without the risk of losing them. Moreover, since the lid is magnetized, the mini-box can be used as a display to place your magnets and thus retrieve them more easily.



How do I maintain my magnets?

The magnets are neodymium type with a hypoallergenic coating (gold). Clean them if necessary with a cloth soaked in soapy water (mild soap), rinse them with warm water, and wipe them dry.

What is their lifespan?

Magnets have a lifespan of over a century. They do not discharge and can be passed on to a loved one.

The magnets warm my ear. Is this normal?

It is normal for the magnets to slightly warm the skin, cause tingling sensations, or even a feeling of coldness. The acupressure point being stimulated may become sensitive. In this case, reduce the daily use time of the magnets to adapt. Stay tuned to your sensations and do not force.

How can I increase my chances of success?

RELAX! Walk in nature, slow down, breathe, meditate! Try using acupressure mats synergistically to help you relax. And above all, adjust your lifestyle to optimize your chances.

To understand:

Just as reflexology uses the soles of the feet, auriculotherapy uses the ear where all the organs of your body are represented.

Content2 magnets (one large and one small) + 1 mini-magnetic carrying case + 1 user manual
Type of magnetsNeodymium, superior quality
CoatingGold, hypoallergenic
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