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Zenspire Pocket - Heart Coherence


Zenspire Pocket - Heart Coherence

Practice heart coherence effortlessly wherever you are with Zenspire Pocket! Let light or vibration guide your breathing to manage your stress.
Carry relaxation everywhere with this pocket-sized format!
Scientifically recognized natural solution for stress and sleep improvement
3 breathing programs + 3 bonuses
3 guidance modes: light / vibration / light and vibration
Portable: rechargeable battery, lightweight, compact, and waterproof
Offline: no WiFi or Bluetooth needed, no smartphone or mobile app required


Zenspire Pocket: The Portable Version of Zenspire+ for Calm and Well-being in 5 Minutes

Stressed? Anxious? Irritated?

Heart coherence is the simplest, quickest, and most effective approach to reduce your stress. It's not just us saying this, but neuroscience has affirmed it for decades.

And Zenspire Pocket is the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to practice heart coherence in any situation. Here's where we say it! ...and so do the increasing number of Zenspire users.

Regain control over your emotions and physiology with Zenspire Pocket and breathe following its rhythm. Guided by pulsating lights or vibrations, your breathing becomes deeper, calming both your heart and mind.

In just 5 minutes, stress, anxiety, and anger vanish. You regain calm and composure. Immediately, your cortisol levels (stress hormone) decrease while DHEA (youth hormone) increases. The effects last 5 to 6 hours after each session. Ideally, practice for 5 minutes, 3 times a day.

Zenspire is non-connected... for better disconnection! It's best not to stare at a screen during a heart coherence session. And to fully embrace Zen, its rechargeable battery lasts over 30 days.

Tired of night-time rumination?

Even though you're exhausted and your body craves sleep, you can't seem to fall asleep. Your mind endlessly replays your to-do list, work problems, and worries like whether you turned off the hallway light... It's time to stop this mental barrage!

Lying in bed, hold Zenspire Pocket in your hands and breathe to its vibration rhythm. Inhale on the first pulse, exhale on the second... as the session progresses, silence fills your mind. At the end of the session, the device stops automatically, while you're already drifting into the arms of Morpheus or about to succumb...

Zenspire is made of hypoallergenic and flexible silicone, so there's no risk if you or your child falls asleep with it.

Heart coherence: calming the heart to soothe the mind

Discovered by American researchers and popularized by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, heart coherence aims to calm the heart to calm the emotional brain. A powerful stress reliever with long-term benefits: better emotional management, enhanced cognitive abilities, improved concentration, strengthened immunity...

But to achieve this, you need to adopt the right breathing rhythm! At rest, we breathe 12 to 15 times per minute, while heart coherence involves 6 breaths per minute. Zenspire Pocket effortlessly extends your breathing and induces heart coherence; just follow its rhythm.

With practice, entering heart coherence will become second nature, and you'll know how to do it anytime, with or without Zenspire.

Pack Contents: Zenspire Pocket with its soft neoprene pouch, USB-C charging cable, eye mask, user manual with numerous exercises, 1 stress self-assessment tool, 1 "3.6.5 Method" guide, keychain straps, and neck strap.



In his book "Healing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Without Drugs or Psychoanalysis" published in 2003, Dr. David Servan-Schreiber first discussed the benefits of heart coherence:

"The results achieved by men and women who have discovered coherence and regularly practice it are almost too good to be believable. Control over anxiety and depression, lowering of blood pressure, increase in DHEA levels, stimulation of the immune system: this isn't just about slowing down aging, but about a true rejuvenation of physiology!
However, the extent of the results corresponds to the extent of the physical and psychological damage caused by stress: if stress can do so much harm, I'm only half surprised that inner mastery can do so much good."

The impact of cardiac activity on brain function has been clinically proven by scientists at the HeartMath Institute in the United States. Signals sent by an irregular heart rhythm (such as during stress) disrupt our ability to think clearly, memorize, learn, and make effective decisions. Conversely, a stable heart rhythm positively affects how we perceive, think, and act.

Heart coherence is also one of the main recommendations of the French Federation of Cardiology for reducing stress.


By facilitating heart coherence practice, Zenspire Pocket contributes to:

- decreasing cortisol, the stress hormone
- increasing DHEA, the youth hormone
- improving emotional management
- reducing symptoms of pain and anxiety
- lowering blood pressure
- better weight management
- improving immunity
- increasing energy and resilience
- enhancing intellectual and creative abilities
- improving concentration and vigilance.

Results from the first session

Zenspire also underwent efficiency testing at the University Hospital of Grenoble. Here are the results obtained after just 5 minutes of heart coherence:

  • 75% of participants felt a sense of well-being.
  • 85% noted a decrease in their stress levels.
  • 96% experienced muscle relaxation with Zenspire.
  • 94% found Zenspire helpful in falling asleep.



The strength of Zenspire Pocket lies in its simplicity and portability: all you need to do is relax and follow the light or vibration rhythm for a few minutes. Its small size, light weight (50 grams), and waterproof design make Zenspire Pocket a concentrated source of well-being that you can carry with you everywhere.


- choose your program (different breathing rhythms and their effects are specified in the user manual) and the type of indication (light or vibration or light and vibration) that you want Zenspire to provide.

- inhale and exhale following Zenspire's instructions (Zenspire stops on its own when the session ends).

And that's it!

Because stress strikes unexpectedly, Zenspire Pocket is designed to accompany you everywhere.

With its small size, keychain strap & neck strap, and hard carrying case, Zenspire Pocket is there when you need it most:

  • in your bag to recharge your energy wherever you are
  • close to you, around your neck, thanks to its strap to reassure you
  • on your desk to reduce pressure during stressful moments
  • on your bedside table to help you fall asleep.

1 "3.6.5 Method" guide is included with each Zenspire Pocket + 1 stress self-assessment tool to become aware of the immediate benefits of the session on your well-being, along with an eye mask.


Usage Tips

To fully experience the benefits of heart coherence, we recommend practicing at least twice a day, ideally three times a day:

  • first thing in the morning to start your day in the right mode,
  • midday to boost vitality,
  • early evening after work to "come down" and enjoy the effect throughout the evening
  • and/or, as needed, before bedtime to facilitate the transition to sleep.

Aid for falling asleep

  • Place Zenspire Pocket on your abdomen and breathe to the vibration rhythm. Abdominal massage + deep breathing = guaranteed relaxation!

  • Do you usually sleep on your stomach? Zenspire Pocket can be used regardless of your sleeping position with your eyes closed. Choose the Sleep program and Vibration mode, then breathe while holding Zenspire Pocket in your hand.

  • Waking up at night? The program used at bedtime is remembered: easily restart a heart coherence session to get back to sleep.


KIDS Program from age 5

Does your child have trouble falling asleep? Is your teenager having trouble concentrating?

Zenspire offers a KIDS program (from age 5) to promote calmness.

From early childhood to adolescence, for relaxation or stress control during exams, Zenspire supports the entire family in daily life.

The kit includes 1 stress self-assessment tool that can be used before and after a session.


Works without batteries and without connection. No electromagnetic waves. No blue light.
No need for a smartphone or mobile app. Without screen, microphone, Bluetooth, or WiFi.
3 modes of accompaniment to choose according to your sensitivity: light only, vibration only, or light with vibration.


Dimensions7x5x2,5 cm // 2.76x1.97x0.98 inches
Weight50g // 0.11 lbs
MaterialHypoallergenic silicone
What's in the box?Soft neoprene pouch, USB-C charging cable, user manual with numerous exercises, 1 stress self-assessment tool, 1 "Method 3.6.5" guide, an eye mask, and keychain and neck straps.
UseSingle ON/OFF button, automatic stop at end of program, no wifi or Bluetooth
BatteryLithium battery 400mAh - 3.7V with charge indicator
Battery autonomy+30 days of autonomy
Breathing programsRELAX 5s / 5s • SLEEP 4s / 6s • KIDS 4s / 4s + 3 bonus : BALANCE • ENERGY • CONCENTRATION
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