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Cooling bowl for cats and dogs


Cooling bowl for cats and dogs

The Cooling Bowl keeps water cool for your dog or cat's well-being. Its double wall contains crystals which, once activated, will keep the water at the ideal temperature for several hours.
Water that's always fresh!
Capacity: 1L (35.20 uk fl oz)
Non-toxic materials: food-grade plastic and natural crystals
US origin : Cooling bowl from K&H

19.90€ TTC
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The Cooling Bowl is THE essential bowl for your pet to offer him fresh water at will!
In summer, a bowl of fresh water will allow your pet to quench its thirst and prevent it from becoming dehydrated or catching a heat stroke.

The Cooling Bowl is made up of natural mini crystals inside which, once activated, will keep the water in the bowl cool for many hours.
The water never freezes and remains at the ideal temperature throughout the day.


bol rafraichissant


Unlike humans, dogs and cats have very few sweat glands.
While humans have sweat glands all over their bodies, cats and dogs only have sweat glands in their paw pads.
This means that they sweat very little, if at all, and use their tongues to evacuate excess heat.
This explains why a dog sticks its tongue out and gasps after exertion or simply when the temperature rises.
Cats rarely pant, even if their breathing rate increases due to the heat.

Cats and dogs cannot "pull off their coats" either.
Drinking cool water is therefore the most effective way to cool and hydrate your dog and cat.



Simply put water in the "lining" of your bowl and shake it to activate the small crystals.
Then place your empty bowl in the refrigerator for 1 hour. You can also put water in your refreshing bowl before putting it in the fridge so that it is even fresher. However, be careful not to give your pet ice-cold water, as it can cause stomach upsets.

Be careful not to leave your dog in the sun in the back of a car, even with fresh water.
Always provide him with something to quench his thirst, something to cool him down and limit physical exercise to avoid heat stroke.

Capacity1 liter (35.20 uk fl oz)
CompositionFood-grade plastic and natural crystals
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Customer Reviews
Bol rafraîchissant posted the 22/08/2021 by Josick de CUPPER
Super idée mais beaucoup trop grand pour nos deux petits.chiens.

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