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Acupressure Pack Mat, Cushion, and Fouta


Acupressure Pack Mat, Cushion, and Fouta

Take advantage of our special offer to discover the new acupressure accessories!
High quality materials: organic spelt and millet husks, coconut fiber, organic cotton
Choose your pillow filling: Spelt (firm) or Millet (soft)
A method recognized and trusted by thousands of users
Limited edition: fouta towel and carry bag included for free

99.90€ TTC
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Your Limited Edition allows you to enjoy a complete acupressure session with the following accessories:

  • the acupressure mat: placed under the back for immediate and lasting relaxation
  • the acupressure cushion: which particularly stimulates the often tense neck
  • the fouta: which allows you to wrap yourself up warmly to fully enjoy your relaxation session
  • the jute tote bag: to store and transport your acupressure accessories everywhere

A special edition at a sweet price, with bio materials of high quality and a refined design for assured relaxation!





Practiced daily, acupressure is a discipline that, like Yoga, ensures health and serenity in everyday life. The Climsom Zen mat allows you to enjoy the benefits of acupressure with a 100% cotton cover and a 100% coconut fiber mat.

The Climsom Zen acupressure mat includes 210 discs with 33 acupressure points each, for a total of 6930 points. This number of points, their shape, and the spacing between the discs constitute a more significant harmonious ensemble than the numbers themselves. Therefore, it is important not to have too few or too many points. Indeed, too few points will make the experience painful, while too many points will make it less effective because each individual point will exert less pressure, necessary for the effectiveness of acupressure.



Climsom zen, the ultimate well-being mat

Known for millennia, acupressure is a particularly simple yet effective way to feel good!

All you have to do is lie down for a few minutes each day on the acupressure mat and let yourself go... for an absolute moment of well-being.

Recognized and adopted by thousands of enthusiasts and customers, acupressure works in several ways:

It boosts blood circulation, which has the effect of eliminating toxins, reoxygenating the blood, and helping to transport essential nutrients for our well-being and health.

It releases endorphins and oxytocins: these two hormones of well-being will bring you an immediate sense of well-being, gradually leading you to an optimal state of relaxation.

It immediately relieves pain through the relaxation and release of the nervous system.

It works deeply: the effects are not just immediate, it acts on the causes in the longer term for lasting relief.



Acupressure is suitable for everyone, young and old, and offers a completely natural approach without any side effects. Like Yoga, acupressure is a discipline that promotes a healthy mind in a healthy body and can be practiced year-round for preventive effects and daily well-being!

jambes lourdes et acupression

Do you suffer from heavy legs, varicose veins, or restless legs?

Acupressure boosts blood circulation, not only immediately alleviating pain and heaviness, but also, in the long term, combating poor blood circulation and the development of varicose veins or more severe issues (such as edema).

Do you suffer from back pain? Are you familiar with lower back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, arthritis, sciatica, or muscle pain?

Acupressure is for you! By releasing endorphins, acupressure initially relieves your pain. By stimulating blood circulation, acupressure helps to release the various tensions and contractions that worsen your pain. It deeply relaxes muscles, relieves pressure between the vertebrae, improves blood and nerve circulation in the back, and enhances vertebral disc hydration.

Are you stressed and anxious?

Practicing acupressure several times a week allows you to relax and release muscle tension. Unlike meditation or Yoga, with acupressure, all you have to do is lie down on the acupressure mat.

Do you have sleep problems or insomnia?

By releasing endorphins and relaxing muscles, acupressure helps you relax. Improved blood circulation brings a comforting warmth throughout your body, gradually leading you to an optimal state of relaxation.


Small cushion, great effects

Composed of a cover with acupressure points and a high-quality spelt cushion, the Climsom Zen acupressure cushion combines the benefits of acupressure with those of thermotherapy for immediate and localized relaxation moments.

The quality and quantity of the filling make it a pillow that provides optimal comfort and support.

The spelt or millet in the cushion is of superior quality. It consists only of a very large volume of whole organic spelt grains or millet, which gives it unmatched thermal power. Your cushion will retain its temperature longer than any other heating pad. The cushion is made in a small French workshop that pays particular attention to finishes and quality.


The spelt or millet pillow acts through micro-suspension, holding your head in the desired position and allowing total relaxation of the neck and shoulder muscles, promoting their relaxation and blood flow.

You can easily place it under your neck, lower back, or legs, on a bed, chair, or in a car... Thick and comfortable, it will be a truly pleasant support and will retain all its thermal properties for a long time, providing relief and relaxation.tapis d'acupression yoga


We conducted a survey of 325 users of Climsom Zen acupressure mats.
Based on the results of this survey, a satisfaction rate of 97% was found. And an overall rating of 8.58/10. Exceptional results!
According to this survey, 80% use the acupressure mat for back pain, and 48% for stress and relaxation, and 1 in 4 also find improved sleep through acupressure.
The benefits appear after the first session or after only a few days for 77% of respondents.
Curious to learn more about the results of this survey? Click here



Climsom offers its Climsom Zen range, acupressure mat and cushion, designed to provide you with the best of acupressure. The mat is made of quality materials, non-allergenic and non-recycled plastic micro-points that ensure comfort and durability. The cover is 100% cotton and the mat is 100% coconut fiber, a healthy, hypoallergenic, and anti-dust mite material that lasts for many years. The design of the points has been studied to distribute pressure evenly regardless of your build.

How to use your cushion for what effects?

 heated : Heat and acupressure are essential tools for relieving contractions, stiff necks, or arthritis. You can easily position it on your neck, lower back, or even your stomach. The gentle and penetrating heat will immediately soothe your tensions while providing an incredible feeling of comfort. The acupressure points will in turn perfect this moment of relaxation by relaxing the nervous system and bringing a new blood flow, carrying with it nutrients and oxygen. The release of endorphins and oxytocin will gradually bring you to an optimal state of serenity.

 Chilled : Coolness is recommended for relieving bruises, inflammations, and bruises. The application of cold provides immediate pain relief. The release of endorphins and oxytocin, thanks to the acupressure points, will gradually bring you to an ideal state of relaxation.  

The size of the acupressure cushion makes it an ideal complement to the acupressure mat. You can place it on target areas: neck, lower back, calves... heat or cool it as needed, and combine it with the acupressure mat to which it easily attaches.

The Climsom Zen mat comes with a detailed instruction manual and a carrying bag to take your acupressure mat everywhere! The acupressure mat uses a unique, safe, and completely natural method, recognized by medicine. 


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Acupressure Mat72x42cm // 28.3"x16.5"
950g // 1.5lbs
Acupressure Pillow35x20x5cm // 13.7"x7.9"x2"
600g // 1.3lbs
Internal compositionMat: 100% organic coconut fiber, healthy and non-allergenic.
Pillow: Pillow composed of husks of spelt biological 100 % made in France
External compositionMat: Organic cotton cover. Hypoallergenic and non-toxic plastics.
Pillow: Organic cotton cover. Hypoallergenic and non-toxic plastics.
Fouta towel1mx2m // 39''x79""
100% cotton
Carry bag100% burlap
Washing the mat and the cushionClean the plastic spikes with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol.
Washing the burlap and the bagBurlap: machine wash at 40°C. Bag: hand wash.
ContraindicationsNot recommended in case of pregnancy, haemophilia, taking anti-coagulant drugs, thrombosis or phlebitis. In general, in case of medical situation, ask your doctor for advice.
StandardCE Certification
(*) Free delivery for Europe, United Kingdom and Switzerland when above 149 €.
The delivery cost is deducted for the total sum to pay.
Prices are VAT excluded for Switzerland, oversea territories and non-European countries.
Customer Reviews
Tapis de fleurs posted the 09/08/2023 by Isabelle
Dispositif vivement recommandé par mon kinésithérapeute ... Les premières séances sont courtes et très inconfortables, comme prévu ... Mais la régularité et la persévérance font des merveilles: un vrai bien-être commence à se faire sentir !

Coussin de fleurs posted the 09/08/2023 by Isabelle
Après l'inconfort des premières séances, un soulagement s'installe: moins de raideurs, de contractures et de douleurs. Une séance quotidienne pour se faire du bien, sans effets secondaires !

Conquise ! posted the 28/04/2023 by Pascale B
Je n'avais jamais entendu parler du tapis d'acupression jusqu'à ce que ma kiné m'invite à en faire l'achat, et je dois dire qu'elle a dû s'y reprendre en plusieurs fois car je n'aime pas les gadgets. Dès le premier essai j'ai été conquise : passé les premières minutes de picotement, je ressens une douce chaleur et un sentiment de détente jusqu'à l'endormissement. C'est vraiment bluffant ! Certes le moment où je m'allonger et celui où je me relève restent désagréables, mais entre ces 2 Read moretemps c'est la détente parfaite. Je l'utilise quotidiennement le soir, dans mon lit et sans vêtements, sous la partie haute du dos jusqu'aux cervicales et parfois aussi sous les jambes pour calmer les impatiences. Mon époux l'utilise également, au moment de la sieste et en tee shirt. Je trouve ce tapis merveilleux car le dos est une zone difficile d'accès pour les massages, alors que beaucoup de tensions s'y concentrent. Du point de vue thérapeutique, je ne peux cependant pas dire à ce jour que cela ait diminué ma contraction dans les trapèzes et mes douleurs d'épaules. J'ai un point d'amélioration à suggérer quant au sac de transport en lin, que je trouve peu adapté à la forme du tapis. Dommage car je voyage beaucoup et je souhaite l'emporter avec moi dans ma vie de nomade.

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