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Automatic ball launcher for dog


Automatic ball launcher for dog

Keep your dog active, happy, and in great shape with the Ballouf automatic ball launcher! With customizable distance settings and a rechargeable battery, this interactive dog toy can be used both indoors and outdoors.
An interactive game to entertain and exercise your dog
3 distance settings: 3, 6, and 9 meters // 10, 20 and 30 ft
Up to 5 hours of battery life (rechargeable battery)
Automatic shut-off after 30 minutes
6 balls included - size suitable for small to medium-sized dogs


Our adorable four-legged companions are full of energy and love to have fun. Always ready for a game, they just want to spend time with us, and if there's a ball involved, even better!

Hit the mark by introducing them to the Ballouf, an automatic dog ball launcher that promises hours of fun, exercise, and bonding!

Ballouf: Your Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

Do you have back pain?
Do you tire quickly? Or at least quicker than your dog ;-)
Can't throw or aim well, or just don't want to keep throwing constantly?
Do you have a dog that loves ball games? To the point of exhausting your efforts?

Whatever your situation, Ballouf is here to help!

This automatic ball launcher will offer your dog intense and fun play sessions without requiring you to put in any physical effort. You only need to watch them run joyfully and cheer them on. Once the ball is thrown and retrieved, you or your dog can restart the game simply by dropping the ball into the device.

Perfect for small and medium-sized dogs, this interactive toy guarantees stimulating play sessions while strengthening your bond.

Adjustable Distance from 3 to 9 Meters

Thanks to its customizable distance settings, Ballouf adapts to the specific needs of your dog and their environment. Usable both indoors and outdoors, this ball launcher offers three throw distances: 3, 6, or 9 meters. Imagine your dog's joy as they wait, eyes sparkling, tail wagging with excitement as you load the launcher... and the series of happy leaps that follow once the ball is launched!

Portable and Economical with a Rechargeable Battery

The Ballouf dog ball launcher comes with a rechargeable battery, so no wires will get in the way of the fun! It also features a handle for easy transport. Economical, its rechargeable battery will save you from using disposable batteries that would drain too quickly. Clever, a light indicator will let you know when to recharge the device. With a 3 to 5-hour battery life, Ballouf guarantees hours of uninterrupted fun and memorable play sessions with your four-legged friend!

6 Mini Tennis Balls Included

Because we know some dogs love to roughhouse with their balls, we included not 3 but 6 mini tennis balls with the device. The size of these balls (5 cm in diameter) is suitable for small to medium-sized dogs. They are free of harmful chemicals. And if you need more, we also offer refill kits.

Tips for Introducing Your Dog to the Device

This dog ball launcher comes with a guide with tips and tricks to help your dog get used to the device. Progress step by step and reward them to gain autonomy. This way, they can fully enjoy their new play companion!


The Ballouf automatic ball launcher for dogs offers several advantages for both dogs and their owners!

For Dogs

Promotes Physical Activity

The Ballouf keeps your companion active, burns calories, and helps maintain a healthy weight. Regular sessions with this interactive toy will also improve endurance and muscle strength. A fun and effective way for your dog to stay fit and healthy!

Stimulates Mental Activity

By "chasing" and retrieving the balls, your companion is constantly focused and never gets bored. The different distances make each play session not only fun but also enriching, teaching your dog to put the ball back into the device. A great exercise to keep your dog mentally occupied!

Interacting with the Ballouf provides both physical and mental exercise for your dog, a perfect combination for a happy and healthy dog!

For Owners

A Perfect Game to Strengthen the Bond Between Dog and Owner

What to do with your dog when you're bored? A game of Ballouf! By participating in the play sessions, you will strengthen mutual trust and affection. No more tiring ball throws: teach your dog to bring the ball back, and the Ballouf launcher will do the rest! Perfect for keeping your dog occupied during the day!

The Solution for Rainy Days

It's time for a walk, but it's raining nonstop... you prefer to stay warm, but your dog needs exercise... How to keep your dog busy on a rainy day? Easy! Bring out the Ballouf and start a game! The Ballouf is suitable for indoor and outdoor play thanks to customizable distance settings (3/6/9 meters). In the end, no one gets wet, and everyone has fun!


The Ballouf is ideal for busy owners who can't always play with their dogs. The Ballouf is always ready: just turn it on, and your dog can have fun with its new companion!




1. Set the On/Off switch located under the device to On.

2. By default, the throwing distance is set to 3 meters: the "3 m / 10 ft" indicator light will turn on. To increase the throwing distance, press the "Distance" button once to switch to 6 meters and again to 9 meters.

3. Place one ball at a time into the device: the ball should be dropped by you or your dog into the central hole to position it on the conveyor belt. The activity indicator light turns red and blinks during the throw. The ball is launched within 5 seconds of insertion.

4. Once the activity indicator light is solid green and the conveyor belt stops, you (or your dog!) can place a new ball into the device.

5. At the end of the play session, turn off the device by setting the On/Off switch located under the device to Off.

The Ballouf runs on a rechargeable battery: before the first use, it must be charged using the provided USB cable.

When to Use the Ballouf?

 To keep a bored dog occupied

 To strengthen the bond with your pet

 To channel excess energy!

 To compensate for a lack of walks on rainy days...

 To work on your dog's mental skills by teaching it to bring the ball back and place it in the device.

 To keep your dog active, happy, and in great shape

 To throw the ball with more force and farther (not everyone has a good aim, and the Ballouf understands that!)

 To save your back :)

 To give your happy companion a great gift


Dimensions25.4 x 25.4 x 20.3 cm // 10 x 10 x 8 inches
Weight1.2 kg
Battery2200mAh Li-ion
Charging Time5 to 10 hours
Battery Life3 to 5 hours
Product ContentsBallouf dog ball launcher, USB cable, user manual, 6 mini tennis balls (48-50 mm diameter)
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