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Baby Pack - Baby Shusher + Baby Bottle Blender

Climsom + Pneo

Baby Pack - Baby Shusher + Baby Bottle Blender

Climsom + Pneo
Two Essentials: Baby Shusher: a revolutionary sound device that mimics the 'shhhh' sound parents use to calm their crying baby + USB Anti-Lump Bottle Mixer: for perfectly mixed milk.
Ideal for newborns and infants
Two must-haves, easy to transport and easy to use
Helps keep your baby calm during meals and before bedtime
Consider it for an original and useful baby shower gift!
Special Offer: Save 10 euros with the pack!
New and improved Baby Bottle Mixer version!


This pack brings together two essentials for soothing a crying baby:

- before bedtime or when waking up at night

- during meals when the bottle nipple gets clogged (those pesky lumps!).

Two solutions to calm crying fits, rising stress, and the feeling of helplessness that sometimes arises when everything you try doesn't work.

Less stress, fewer tears: a soothed baby will sleep better and faster. And at mealtime, bottles will be quickly prepared and quietly consumed.

Two must-haves at a reduced price to discover urgently!


1. The Baby Shusher to quickly soothe a crying baby


The Baby Shusher is a sound device that uses a time-tested technique: the "shhhh" sound used by all moms and dads!


Inspired by a technique used by renowned pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, the BabyShusher was created by a mother who couldn't calm her crying baby.

She had the idea to record her husband (who was very good at calming their baby) when he wasn't available.
And the effect was immediate!

The rhythmic "shhhh" of the Baby Shusher will remind your baby of the time spent in the womb, where he was constantly surrounded by sounds (between 30 and 60 decibels) due to blood circulation and other in utero noises. These familiar sounds will help soothe him.

Discover this smart, portable device that has already won over millions of parents and been awarded:
- OHbaby! Gold Medal 2018
- Voted Best Baby Registry Product by parents in 2019


2. The Bottle Mixer for a perfectly mixed bottle without any lumps


No more shaking the bottle for long minutes and enduring your baby's intense cries!

The bottle mixer is designed to mix all types of powdered milk (classic and specific), as well as powdered cereals:
Classic milks (1st, 2nd, and 3rd age)
Comfort and anti-reflux (AR) milks
Hypoallergenic (HA) milks
Low lactose milks
Hydrolyzed protein substitutes
Soy protein milks
Premature baby milks
Infant milk thickeners
Powdered cereals

You can adjust the rotation speed according to the thickness and quantity of the mixture as well as the size of the bottle.

The rod attached to the base of the bottle mixer will make rapid rotations impossible to achieve manually.
This allows the powder to mix perfectly with the water, regardless of the powder used.

In just 20 seconds, your baby's milk will be perfectly mixed and homogeneous.

Its advantage? Rechargeable via USB (cable included), its battery is designed to last 5 to 6 hours! A long autonomy that allows you to prepare many bottles.

And once your baby is grown, it can still be used to mix liquids with all kinds of powders (protein powder, low-sugar cocoa powder, powdered soups...).



Being a parent isn't always easy, and calming a crying baby can sometimes take a lot of time and energy... With the right equipment, it can be simpler. Make life easier for yourself and your baby with these 2 essentials!

Benefits of the Baby Shusher

Calming your baby in just a few minutes: that's the mission of the Baby Shusher!

To achieve this, you can adjust the volume of the Baby Shusher to suit the situation (falling asleep, crying, etc.).

You can also choose the whispering time (15 or 30 minutes) according to the needs.

Good night, baby...

The Baby Shusher is effective in 80% of cases when the baby is having a crying fit, provided all basic needs are met. If the Baby Shusher doesn't calm your baby, it might be suffering from gastric reflux, colic, or other issues that should be addressed by your doctor.

Benefits of the Bottle Mixer

Using powdered milk often results in numerous lumps, even if you follow the instructions on the box carefully! The Bottle Mixer will put an end to blocked teats and the ensuing crying fits.

Its mission? Mix the powder and water into a perfectly homogeneous mixture in just 20 seconds without splashes!

Not only will you save time, but your baby will eat better and more easily!



Using the Baby Shusher

 You can find the French manual here.

Using the Bottle Mixer

The mixer offers ease of use, a single button, quick charging, and easy maintenance! 

Before first use:
You need to clip the rod to the base of the bottle mixer. 
Also, make sure to fully charge the battery of your bottle mixer. Charging takes 3 hours.
The USB port is located under the device, and two USB cables are provided (one USB-C and one USB-A).
You can also use your phone's power adapter to charge the mixer.


How to use it?

To start, choose the first speed to use outside the bottle.
Very easy to use, simply put the mixer in the bottle and press the ON/OFF button to turn it on. 
If you want to change speeds, press the same button twice. The next speed will activate.
Once the mixture is homogeneous, turn off the mixer and remove the rod from the bottle.
Rinse the rod under clear water, and your mixer is ready for a new use.



Once the bottle mixture is homogeneous, turn off the mixer before removing it from the bottle.
To prevent residue from drying on the rod and to facilitate cleaning, rinse the rod (only the rod) directly under clear water (with a bit of dish soap if desired).
You can clean the base of the mixer with a dry, clean cloth.

For more intensive cleaning (once a month, for example), you can put hot water with dish soap in a bowl and immerse the mixer rod in the water.
Once in the water, turn on the bottle mixer.

When you feel the intensity of the bottle mixer weakening, it's time to recharge it.
The USB port of the mixer is located under the base. Connect the supplied USB cable to the mixer via a USB power adapter or a computer USB port.
The red battery indicator will light up. Once the mixer is charged, the indicator will turn green.
Charging time is approximately 3 hours.
You can then use your bottle mixer for 5 to 6 hours (knowing that the mixing time for a bottle is generally between 10 and 30 seconds).



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Dimensions6 x 6 x 12.7 cm // 2.4x2.4x4.7''
PowerBatteries (included)
StandardsCE Standard
TimerAdjustable time of 15 or 30 minutes
VolumeAdjustable volume
PortableSmall and compact for easy transport
Dimensions (base + rod)29.3 cm (l) x 4 cm (W) // 11.4(l)x1.6(W)""
Dimensions (rod alone)16.3 cm (l) x 4 cm (W) // 6.3(l)x1.6(W)""
Weight105g // 0.23 lbs
Batterylithium, 800 mAh, USB rechargeable
ContentBase + rod + 2 USB charging cables (one ASB-C and one USB-A) + FR/EN manual
CertificationsCE, WEEE
3 speedsslow (3300 rpm), moderate (4700 rpm), fast (6800 rpm)
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Parfait posted the 17/02/2021 by Emi
Répond parfaitement à nos attentes. Simple d’utilisation et semble être de bonne qualité

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Bravo excccccelebt produit bonne qualité je conseille a tous les photographe bébé pour leur aide au shoot très bon produit

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