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Cooling dog bed for large dogs


Cooling dog bed for large dogs

When temperatures are high, help your dog regulate his body temperature with the Coolin' Pet Pad cooling mat for large dogs.
XL Size: 96.5 x 68.5 cm // 38""x27""
Cool Core Technology: consistent cooling comfort for your pet
Easy to maintain
Soft, comfortable, and cool: your dog will love it!


Hot Weather? Your Dog Gets as Hot as You!

In summer, when temperatures soar, your dog can quickly get overheated.

With the Coolin' Pet Pad cooling mat, protect your dog from heatstroke by offering him a cool, comfortable, and plush mat.


A Cooling Mat Specifically for Dogs Over 20 kg

No more small mats where your dog barely fits: the large size cooling mat for dogs offers a wide surface - 96.5 x 68.5 cm / 38"x27" - so your pet can lie down and cool off.

Can be used both indoors and outdoors (it just needs to be placed in the shade), simply add water to provide your pet with a constant cooling comfort.


cooling mat for large dogs


Is your dog less than 20 kilograms?
Do you need a smaller mat?
Check out the Cool Bed III Cooling Mat for Dogs.

How Does a Cooling Mat for Dogs Work?

The Coolin' Pet Pad cooling mat for large dogs does not use electricity and does not need to be placed in the refrigerator or freezer in advance.
Simply add water during the first use to permanently activate the Cool Core technology.

The interior is made of foam that absorbs water to become soft and cool. The Coolin' Pet Pad cooling cushion for dogs then cools itself, in the open air.
The difference in temperature between your dog and the mat makes it feel cool.

In other words, this large size cooling mat for dogs dissipates your pet's heat and releases it into the air, allowing your dog to stay cool safely.

The Coolin' Pet Pad mat does not contain any chemicals or toxic gels. It is also guaranteed to be BPA-free.


Some User Reviews...

« We have a husky and he heats up quickly, especially when it's hot. This product keeps him cool and makes him happy. A perfect purchase!!! »

« I have to tell you I love this cushion and so does my dog! You don't need to refrigerate it and it stays cool. I cover it with a pillowcase and it's so comfortable for her. We go for long walks when it's cool and at home, she has this cushion to stay cool. »

« This product changed the life of an Alaska dog in the heat of Colorado! »


Thermal Comfort: The Cooling Break Your Dog Needs

Dogs don't have sweat glands (the ones that allow sweating). Their only solution: release excess heat through their mouth and paw pads. That's why it's even more important to provide them with a cool environment.

The Coolin Pet Pad offers them comfort and freshness to recover from high temperatures and naturally regulate their body temperature.


hot dog in car


Physical and Joint Comfort: Your Pet's Health Ally

Beyond its utility during heatwaves and high temperatures, this mat will provide refreshing comfort and support to animals suffering from:

- Arthritis,
- Osteoarthritis,
- Hip dysplasia,
- Joint problems,
- Muscle pain,
- Pelvic pain,
- Skin problems
- Or excessive panting.



Place the Coolin' Pet Pad on tile or any other hard surface. Avoid carpet, which tends to retain more heat, making the Coolin' Pet Pad less effective.

Then add 12 liters of water and let the foam absorb the water and then remove the air as explained in the instructions. Your cushion is now cool and ready to use!

Tips and Tricks

  • Feel free to place an item with your scent on it to familiarize your pet with this new addition.

  • You can empty the cooling mat when not in use for easy storage. To do this, simply drain the water and let the inner foam dry.

  • With each new activation of your cushion, you can add a few drops of grapefruit seed oil to the filling water. Likewise, before storing your cooling pad, you can add a few drops to the foam (when it is dry). This oil is a natural and non-toxic antibacterial.

  • The Cooling Pet is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and easy to clean. A quick wipe is enough to clean it.

Have a great summer with your furry friend!


dog with sunglasses

Dimensions96.5 x 68.5 cm // 38"x27"
CompositionFoam and plastic
InstructionsDownload the Coolin Pet Pad manual
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