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Cooling mat for dogs - Cool Bed III


Cooling mat for dogs - Cool Bed III

The cooling dog mat for dogs prevents your pet from getting overheated when the outside temperature is too high. A comfortable and soft mat that relieves joints and arthritis.
A soft, comfortable and cool mat for your dog
Protects joints, relieves inflammation and itching, keeps your dog cool
Ideal in case of osteoarthritis of the dog, especially of the pelvis
Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, easy to clean, empty and store

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The Cool Bed III dog mat is designed to keep your pet cool and prevent doggy heatstroke, especially during hot weather, as well as to provide soft support to relieve joints and arthritis.

The interior is made of a foam that absorbs water to become soft and cool. You only need to fill the mat once with water so that it is absorbed by the foam.

The Cool Bed III canine mat then cools itself in the open air.
The difference between your dog's temperature and the mat's temperature makes it feel cool.

The Cool Bed mat has been a great success since its creation in the early 2010s in the USA.
Praised by dogs and their owners and recommended by vets, the Cool Bed is a real revolution in dog welfare!


  • Thermal comfort

By absorbing excess heat, the Cool Bed III provides coolness to dogs both in summer when temperatures are high and lead to the risk of heatstroke in dogs, and in winter in a heated house.
The Cool Bed III provides thermal comfort in all seasons.

Dogs do not have sweat glands (which would allow them to perspire): they can only evacuate excess heat through their mouths and pads.
This makes it all the more important to provide them with a cool environment.

Coolness also plays a major role in suppressing inflammation of the skin or joints, as in the case of osteoarthritis, particularly of the pelvis and legs of older dogs.


  • Physical and articular comfort

The softness of this canine mat will bring comfort and well-being to all dogs and especially to those suffering from joint problems, muscular pain, pelvic pain or skin problems:

- soft support for the joints when the dog is resting and makes it easier to change positions
- refreshing anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect


The Cool Bed III is available in 3 sizes:

If you find that your dog is in one size category, but the size of your dog is in the category below or above, you can of course choose the category below or above.
The most important thing is the weight of your dog: the mat you choose must be adapted so that the weight of your dog does not damage it and so that your dog is comfortable.

  • Small – 60x45cm / 24x18"
    For small dogs, from 1 to 12 kg (2 to 26lbs)
    Yorkshire, Poodle, Basset, Bichon, Pekingese, etc.

  • Medium – 55x80cm / 22x32"
    For medium-sized dogs up to 20 kg (44lbs).
    English Bulldog, Cocker, Basset, Springer Spaniel, etc.

  • Large 80x110cm / 32x44"
    For large dogs, 21 kg  (46lbs) and over.
    Boxer, English Bulldog, German Shepherd, Doberman, Labrador, Greyhound, etc.





Cool Bed II is very easy to use.
Simply add the quantities of water indicated in the instructions, let the foam absorb the water and then vacuum the air.
Your mat is fresh and ready!
You can empty it and leave it to dry when not in use so that it can be stored without difficulty.

Tip (optional):
Put a few drops of grapefruit seed extract in the water each time you refill your Cool Bed III and in the foam when you have emptied your mat before putting it away (and when the foam is dry).
This oil is naturally anti-bacterial and non-toxic. You can use other essential oils such as lavender or tea tree (a few drops are sufficient).

Remember that heat stroke is dangerous for dogs.
Don't leave your dog in the sun without water and hydration, and provide a cool place to lie down where he can easily take refuge.
Heat stroke can be avoided with the right actions!

Take care of him, he deserves it!

COOL BED III - Small > Fill with 4L of water
COOL BED III  – Medium -> Fill with 11L of water
COOL BED III – Large -> Fill with 22L of water

Here are some tips to help your dog get used to his new cooling mat
- Don't force your dog to go on the mat - he should go on his own!
- Place a piece of clothing or a cloth with a scent familiar to your dog on the cooling mat.
- Play with your dog around the mat so that he can associate it with something positive!

Composition Foam and hypoallergenic and non-toxic medical plastic
SizesSmall, Medium, Large
Small60x45cm / 24x18"
Medium55x80cm / 22x32"
Large80x110cm / 32x44"
CertificationCE Standard
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The delivery cost is deducted for the total sum to pay.
Prices are VAT excluded for Switzerland, oversea territories and non-European countries.
Customer Reviews
Topissime posted the 03/07/2020 by Alice
J'ai un peu tardé à l'achat au vu du prix et du peu d'avis français que j'ai pu trouver (ce pourquoi j'essaie d'en faire un complet!)... quel dommage ! Ma chienne (rottweiler de 10 ans) a de multiples pathologies locomotrices, les matelas à mémoire de forme lui ont changé la vie mais tiennent trop chaud en été. Celui ci est génial ! C'est une sensation particulière et agréable : c'est très frais comme du carrelage froid mais ça ne se réchauffe pas quand on Read morereste dessus, et surtout c'est moelleux et ça préserve le confort du chien. Actuellement elle est dessus et dort profondément, elle l'a adopté dessuite, et a arrêté d'haleter, ça fait plaisir :) Le produit gagne vraiment à être connu je vous le recommande fortement!

posted the 27/07/2016 by myriam
bonjour, J'ai reçu il y a quelques jours le matelas à mémoire de forme rafraîchissant pour mon chien. J'ai un Labrit et pour qu'il soit à l'aise j'ai pris la taille 90 x 60 cm. Ce produit est génial. Il fait juste un sensation de frais et n'humidifie pas donc très agréable. De plus,il reprend sa forme initiale lorsqu'on est plus dessus. Je ne regrette pas du tout mon achat. Le seul bémol, c'est que mon chien ne pause guère longtemps dessus et à condition Read moreque je reste à ses côtés, j'ai même du ajouter un drap fin dessus. J'ai le bonheur d'en profiter autant que lui sous mon abri anti UV au soleil dans mon jardin. C'est vraiment un produit que je recommande pour toutes nos adorables boules de poils. Merci pour cet ingénieux produit.

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