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Climsom Intense mattress topper - PVC 70x100cm


Climsom Intense mattress topper - PVC 70x100cm

Relieve your legs with the Intense cooling mattress topper. With an adjustable temperature of up to 15°C, it allows a localised application of cold to relieve heavy legs, restless legs (RLS) and impatience.
Requires a Climsom thermocontroller.
Intense freshness ideal for heavy legs and RLS
Intense heat ideal for back pain, lumbago and aches
Temperature adjustable from 15° to 48°C (59° to 118°F)
Climsom thermocontroller needed - not included


surmatelas rafraichissant intense


The Climsom Intense cooling (and heating) mattress topper therefore allows very cool or very warm temperatures to be reached as close to the body as possible thanks to :

  • A limited size (70x100 cm / 28x39") to concentrate the coolness on the legs or the warmth on the bac

  • A removable cover that allows you to use only the inner mattress topper for an even more intense sensation!

  • The silicone material allows a better temperature diffusion than the textile

  • The amount of water circulating in the Climsom Intense mattress topper is greater than in the traditional Climsom mattress topper.

The "Climsom Intense mattress topper" can reach very cold temperatures, up to 15°C! Moreover, at the same temperature, the freshness felt on the Intense mattress topper will be stronger than on a traditional mattress topper.

For even more freshness, the Intense mattress topper has a removable cover that you can take off.


If you use it in "hot" mode, the heat provided by the water will relax your muscles, relieve your pain and remove toxins by increasing the vascularity of the heated area.
Such heat is particularly appreciated by people suffering from back pain.
The mattress topper will then be positioned under the upper body area, excluding the legs.

The water can reach up to 48°C: beware, for most users, this heat will be considered too intense!
Especially since the silicone surface diffuses this heat strongly.
Choose your personal comfort temperature gradually to the nearest degree.


The striking freshness of the Intense mattress topper is particularly appreciated by people suffering from heavy legs or restless legs syndrome (impatience), during heat waves and to fight insomnia and sleep disorders.

For this type of use, the "Climsom Intense mattress topper" should be placed under the lower part of the body, excluding the back. In hot weather, application to the back/upper body is particularly appreciated.

The Intense mattress topper is also appreciated in case of sweating, night sweats, hot flushes and during heat waves.



You don't have a temperature controller? The "Climsom Intense" Pack is for you.

Size70x100 cm (28x39") for localised action on legs or back
Composition"Intense" mattres topper : PVC & Silicone
Removable cover : Coton & PVC
WashingCan be cleaned with a sponge and mild soap, without detergent.
Cooling and heating mattress topperWorks with a thermocontroller (not included)
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Customer Reviews
Très satisfaite de mon achat posted the 25/11/2021 by Jacotte
J'utilise le sumatelas rafraîchissant pour les jambes. De 2h à 5h du matin. Effet garanti et bénéfique.

x posted the 07/08/2021 by Mares
Adapté pour cibler 1 zone précise

bon produit posted the 01/02/2021 by Marie-France Fontaine
Ce n'est pas parfait mais je dors mieux et je n'ai plus besoin de marcher la nuit sur le carrelage froid pour calmer mes impatiences.

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