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Hot / Cold Forehead Thermal Headband


Hot / Cold Forehead Thermal Headband

This thermal headband fits on the forehead and provides comfort in any situation. Used cold, it relieves migraines, pains, fever, and headaches. Used warm under a hat, it protects from the cold outside.
Can be used hot or cold
Use: migraine, headaches, fever
Adjustable to all head sizes
Comfortable and hypoallergenic

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This thermal headband fits on the forehead and provides well-being and comfort in any situation. Its stability is ensured by a Velcro strip that adjusts to all head sizes. Once in place, its soft and pleasant texture will make you enjoy good moments!

In hot weather, activated to provide cold, it's the friend of all athletes: its cool and relaxing contact helps reduce sweating episodes. It's also useful for combating headaches or fever spikes. During winter, activated to provide warmth, it goes underneath the cap to face the outside temperatures. A versatile and essential ally for everyday life!

The technology of the thermal headband relies on an innovative gel pocket that retains temperature.



The thermal headband, whether prepared to be warm or cold, will have different effects:

- Used cold: migraines, headaches, and head pain better watch out. Place your cooling headband on the forehead and enjoy the pain-relieving effects of the coolness. In case of fever and inflammation, the ultra-localized application of coolness on the temples and forehead relieves pain and reduces inflammation.

How long does the coolness last?
The thermal headband offers 20 to 30 minutes of coolness.

In case of severe migraine
, don't hesitate to try our other migraine relief headband, the Headache Hat. With a cooling duration of 2 hours, it effectively targets pain areas by applying pressure with a more intense cold sensation. Wider, it can even be placed over your eyes to block light and prevent a flare-up. While the Soothsoft thermal headband offers very localized coolness (7cm width), the Headache Hat migraine headband covers the entire skull, temples, and eyes 360° (14 cm width).

- Used warm: the thermal headband transforms into a heating headband, providing comfort and well-being to its wearer.



The thermal headband is hypoallergenic, very comfortable, adjustable, very easy to maintain, and reusable.

Composed of non-toxic gel, simply place it in the refrigerator for 1 hour or in the freezer for 10 minutes for cold use.
For warm use, simply microwave it for 1 minute or place it in very hot water for 15 minutes. 


SizeOne size fits all
CompositionNon-toxic gel
Size23 x 7cm/9x2.75'' which can extend up to 69cm/27'' long
InstructionsDownload the thermal headband instructions
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