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VolcaNuque - 2-in-1 Neck Pillow


VolcaNuque - 2-in-1 Neck Pillow

A neck pillow that provides both heating and cooling, made from volcanic stone to relieve tension and pain in the neck and shoulders.
8% volcanic stone!
Relieves pain and activates brown fat
Can be used hot or cold
HOT for stiff necks, colds, bronchitis, sinusitis, sleep disorders and relaxation
COLD for sciatica, sprains, bruises, migraines, dental pain and brown fat activation

35.00€ TTC
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The VolcaNuque 2-in-1 cervical pillow will address three needs:

  • Relieve your pain from the first application
  • Promote relaxation and eliminate tension: a unique moment of relaxation just for you!
  • Activate brown fat for a fat-burning action: 2 hours of application equivalent to 3 km of running!

VolcaNuque is composed of gel, water, and 8% volcanic stone. This mineral will provide the pillow with quality comfort, good temperature maintenance, and good heat or cool diffusion.

Thanks to its shape and composition, it fits perfectly to your shoulders and neck, staying in place throughout its application while offering long-lasting warmth or coolness due to the high thermal inertia of lava stone.

Its polyester covering allows for easy and quick maintenance and gives it good resistance.

Depending on the desired action and sensation, you can heat or cool your VolcaNuque pillow to enjoy thermotherapy or cryotherapy effects and thus benefit from the beneficial effects of cold and heat on your body.



Depending on whether you use it warm or cold, the benefits of the VolcaNuque pillow will be different and potentially complementary.

  1. Thermotherapy (warmth)

The VolcaNuque cervical pillow will relax your muscles and soothe your tension.

Indeed, warmth has decongestant and analgesic properties: it causes vasodilation of blood vessels and thus, by activating blood circulation, helps eliminate toxins from painful areas. It also allows tissue and muscle relaxation, while inhibiting the transmission of nerve impulses, thereby calming pain.

Using the VolcaNuque cervical pillow warm will help:

  • Relax the neck and trapezius muscles,
  • Relieve torticollis,
  • Relieve colds,
  • Relieve bronchitis,
  • Relieve sinusitis,
  • Reduce sleep disturbances,
  • Promote relaxation,
  • Relieve cervical migraines, especially if the pain is due to tension and muscle contractions in the cervical region.



 2. Cryotherapy (coolness)

Cold has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It will allow blood circulation by vasoconstriction and thus promote cellular exchanges to help rapid recovery during inflammations.

In case of cervical migraines, if the pain is associated with inflammation in the neck area, the cold of the VolcaNuque, applied directly on the cervical vertebrae, will help reduce inflammation and numb the area, which can temporarily alleviate the pain.

Cold also allows the activation of brown fat (good fats!), which promotes the burning of white fats (unsightly fats). The activation of brown fat can increase basal metabolism by 19%. The effect can last 24 hours and consume the equivalent of 350 Kcal, equivalent to a 3 km run. 50g of activated brown fat can burn 50g of white fat in a single day. Brown fats (5% of an adult's body fat) are concentrated around the neck and "burn" white fats throughout the body.

Thus, through cold, the VolcaNuque cervical pillow will:

  • Relieve migraines (migraine with or without aura, ophthalmic migraine, and cervical migraine)
  • Relieve dental pain,
  • Activate brown fat for a fat-burning effect,
  • Relieve sprains, sciatica, or bruises by applying the VolcaNuque to the desired areas (calves, back, abdomen, arms, etc.)




The VolcaNuque 2-in-1 cervical pillow is designed for use on the shoulders and neck. You can of course apply it to other painful areas if needed (calves, back, abdomen, arms, etc.)

Before use and depending on the desired action or sensation, you will heat or cool it.


For heating:

Simply place it in the microwave for 3 to 4 minutes at 600 Watts (or at medium power). This heating time can be renewed if more warmth is desired. Alternatively, you can choose to heat the pillow in a bain-marie, for about 5 minutes.

Once heated, distribute the heat by kneading the pillow. To avoid the risk of burning, wrap your VolcaNuque in a thin towel, to knead it and apply it to your body.

To cool it down:

Place it in the refrigerator for about 4 hours or in the freezer for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Wrap the VolcaNuque in a thin towel so that the cold is not too intense on the skin.


2 possible positions:

Thanks to its composition and flexibility, you can choose between two positions depending on the area to be treated:

Target the shoulders or target the neck:


Entretien du coussin

Caring for the VolcaNuque cervical cushion is very simple.

All you need to do is clean it with a damp sponge and mild soap.


The media are talking about it...


Exterior coveringPolyester
Interior compositionGel, water, and 8% volcanic stone
ColorDeep blue
Dimensions53 x 31 cm
Instruction manualDownload Volcanuque instructions
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Customer Reviews
Efficace mais un peu lourd posted the 24/01/2022 by Anaïs R.
Idéal pour soulager les douleurs cervicales mais aussi pour se réchauffer. Un peu lourd malgré tout, ce qui ne permet pas une utilisation prolongée. Pas encore essayé à froid.

posted the 10/02/2021
Produit conforme et livraison très rapide

posted the 19/01/2021
très contente

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