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Spa du Regard - Pack of 3 Boxes


Spa du Regard - Pack of 3 Boxes

Pack of 3 boxes of 10 self-heating masks to take care of your eyes and their contour, totaling 30 masks!
Eye and eye contour care and relaxation
3 boxes of 10 single-use self-heating masks, for a total of 30 masks!
Pack of 3 boxes for a discount of nearly 20%!
Mask temperature: 41°C // 105,8°F

47.00€ TTC
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by opting for this pack of 3 Spa du Regard boxes!


Your eyes are daily subjected to stress and aggressions such as pollution, makeup, screens, sunlight, and more.
The self-heating Spa du Regard masks will allow you to give your eyes a moment of relaxation and care to take care of them and their contour.
It is a moment of deep relaxation for rested and bright eyes. It is a specific treatment for a sensitive area and delicate skin.

The mask is very easy to use. It self-heats upon contact with air when the sachet is opened.
The powder inside the mask (a mix of iron powder and activated charcoal) generates, when it comes into contact with air, a natural heat that warms the ambient water particles, which are then gently diffused over your eyes in the form of water vapor, benefiting your skin and well-being.

This pack contains 3 boxes of 10 single-use self-heating Spa du Regard masks, totaling 30 masks. The mask designs may vary depending on the production series.



The self-heating Spa du Regard mask will:

For the skin:

  • Open pores for deep cleansing and better effectiveness of the care applied afterward
  • Activate microcirculation to eliminate puffiness and dark circles
  • Relax tired features and smooth out the wrinkles around the eyes

For relaxation:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Aid in sleep



Do not heat in the microwave! The mask self-heats in open air.


When the sachet is opened, the Spa du Regard mask will self-heat. Therefore, it should be applied immediately after opening the sachet on perfectly cleansed skin. The mask unfolds and attaches around the ears using the slots provided for this purpose. The heat will gradually intensify to reach its maximum temperature of 41°C.

The mask will stay at a constant temperature for 20 to 30 minutes before cooling down. After use, it can be removed and disposed of. Spa du Regard masks are single-use.

Instruction manual included.





Also find the Spa du Regard in the Spa du Regard + Spa du Visage pack.
Enjoy all the benefits of these two masks and the discount associated with the pack.


Press Coverage

Pack contentPack of 3 boxes of 10 Spa du Regard eye masks + User manual
CompositionIron powder, activated charcoal, expanded vermiculite, salt, water, non-woven fabric
Maximum Temperature41°C // 105,8°F
Recommended Usage TimeUse as needed for relaxation and eye care
WarningDo not heat in the microwave
Additional InformationAlso available in a pack with the Spa du Visage.
InstructionsDownload the "Spa du Regard" manual
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Customer Reviews
Rituel du soir posted the 24/01/2022 by Anaïs R.
20 minutes pour soi, pour se détendre. Et le stress s'envole !

VRAIMENT PARFAIT ! posted the 14/06/2021 by Marion ESTRINE
Honnêtement c'est un masque juste parfait pour pouvoir ce relaxer en douceur, évacuer le stress, mais aussi m'aider pour le sommeil !! Je valide à 3000%, à la maison nous l'avons vraiment adopté !

Top ! posted the 14/06/2021 by Julie V
Très bon produit et propice à la détente

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