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Spa du Visage - Pack of 3 Boxes


Spa du Visage - Pack of 3 Boxes

Detox self-heating mask for a purifying, relaxing facial treatment and better skin hydration. Pack of 3 boxes of 10 ready-to-use masks, totaling 30 masks!
Facial care and deep relaxation
3 boxes of 10 single-use self-heating masks, for a total of 30 masks!
Pack of 3 boxes for a 15% discount!
Mask temperature: 41°C // 105,8°F

52.00€ TTC
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by choosing this pack of 3 boxes of Spa du Visage!


Your skin undergoes external and internal aggressions
. Indeed, the sun, pollution, wind, temperature differences can damage your skin. Stress, lack of sleep, and fatigue are also responsible for the premature aging of the skin.

It is therefore important to protect and take care of your skin from all these aggressions and to relax because our well-being reflects on the health of our skin.

The Spa du Visage mask is a self-heating facial mask that will give you a real moment of relaxation and care.

The mask is very easy to use. It self-heats when it comes into contact with air upon opening the sachet.

The powder inside the mask (a mixture of iron powder and activated charcoal) generates natural heat when it comes into contact with air, which will then heat the ambient water particles, which will be gently diffused on your face in the form of water vapor and be beneficial for your skin and well-being.

The temperature of the mask gradually rises to 41°C.

The pack contains 3 boxes of 10 single-use heating masks, for a total of 30 masks!

The mask designs may vary depending on the production series.



The self-heating Spa du Visage mask will:

  • Improve skin texture: smoother and softer skin
  • Deep clean (facilitates the extraction of blackheads)
  • Detoxify the skin: the water vapor and open pores release impurities
  • Reduce skin imperfections and problems (blackheads, pimples, impurities, acne, eczema...)
  • Enhance the effectiveness of applied skincare (better skin hydration)
  • Provide a radiant and refreshed complexion, repair the epidermis through micro-circulation activation
  • Smooth tired lines, reduce dark circles
  • Offer relaxation and stress relief
  • Relax facial muscles
  • Prepare for sleep

Get ready to experience a spa-quality treatment with all the benefits of heat for your skin and well-being...

For more details on the benefits.



The mask does not need to be heated. Opening the sachet will trigger the mask to gradually heat up to 41°C.

Simply take it out of its sachet and use it immediately by hooking it over the ears with the slots provided for this purpose on perfectly cleansed skin. The water vapor will gradually begin to diffuse, reaching a maximum temperature of 41°C. This temperature will then be maintained for 20 to 30 minutes.

The heat will then gradually decrease for about an hour. At the end of your use, you can remove the mask and discard it. The masks are single-use.

It is possible to use a cream-mask underneath as the back of the mask is waterproof (black part) and does not absorb what has been applied to the skin.

Warning: NEVER HEAT THE MASK! It heats itself when exposed to air.





Also find Spa du Visage in the Spa du Regard + Spa du Visage pack.
Enjoy all the benefits of these two masks and the discount related to the pack.


Press Coverage!

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Pack contentPack of 3 boxes of 10 Spa du Visage face masks + User manual
CompositionIron powder, activated charcoal, expanded vermiculite, salt, water, non-woven fabric
Maximum Temperature41°C // 105,8°F
Recommended Usage Time30 minutes
WarningDo not heat in the microwave
Additional InformationAlso available in a pack with the Spa du Regard.
InstructionsDownload the Spa du Visage instructions
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Customer Reviews
posted the 10/01/2022 by Camille
Découvert par hasard dans une petite boutique indépendante, j'ai été fabuleusement surprise par les effet de ce masque. Tout d'abord tellement facile, délicieusement relaxant et une peau lisser et rayonnante ! Je me suis empressée d'en commander 1 boîte de 10 !

Masque super sympa posted the 09/10/2020 by Françoise
Le masque est application simple et on en ressent les bienfaits durant toute la séance par le biais de la relaxation pendant les 30 minutes de pose. Le teint semble plus lumineux des la pose du premier masque. Merci

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