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Serum H2J - Unlimited antioxidant water


Serum H2J - Unlimited antioxidant water

Hydrogen water to be sprayed on the skin, a powerful natural anti-oxidant that protects the skin from daily aggressions and provides an effective and natural anti-ageing effect.
Serum to be created in a perpetual way, in a zero waste objective.
Powerful 100% natural anti-oxidant for the skin
Immediate soothing and anti-inflammatory effect
Prevents premature ageing of the skin
Zero waste objective: no bottles to renew


Serum H2J, an essential product for the health of your skin

This is an essential product that everyone should have in their bathroom!


Because it will keep your skin healthy and prevent it from aging too quickly.
And that without chemicals, only with water: 100% natural!
You wish to have a beautiful skin, more luminous, a skin with the least possible problem, less sensitive, with less redness, and more comfort...
If you have already tried everything and found nothing satisfactory, it is because you need an anti-oxidant!

Hydrogenated water, a powerful natural ally for your skin
Serum H2J is a hydrogen water generator, which means that it enriches water with hydrogen molecules.
=> Did you know that hydrogen is the most powerful natural anti-oxidant?
Serum H2J will therefore create the most powerful anti-oxidant to spray on your skin.
This is because the antioxidant power of molecular hydrogen is about 150 times greater than vitamin C and 800 times greater than coenzyme Q10.
Its small size allows it to easily penetrate our skin barrier. It is thus able to neutralise oxidation, which is destructive to our cells and genes.
A lot of international studies, confirm the anti-inflammatory role of hydrogen (links at the bottom of the page).


Is an anti-oxidant the answer to all our skin problems?
Yes, it is! An anti-oxidant is a protective shield against free radicals. These free radicals gradually destroy and damage our skin cells and thus alter its tone, elasticity, comfort and sensitivity... These free radicals come from our daily environment, from external aggressions (sun, pollution...), as well as internal ones (stress, fatigue, alcohol, tobacco...). This is what is known as oxidative stress.

That is why it is very important to use an anti-oxidant: to prevent your skin from becoming damaged.
Your skincare cream is not enough. It provides an immediate and superficial response to a need for comfort, if you feel your skin is breaking out, for instance, but it will not treat the underlying problem. The molecular hydrogen created by Serum H2J will penetrate deep into the skin, unlike creams that remain on the surface.

Ecological approach to Zero Waste
- Don't multiply your cosmetic bottles: Serum H2J can be reused indefinitely!
- Only one ingredient is needed to produce your Serum H2J: water!
- You can generate your own anti-oxidant serum each time you need it: zero waste and substantial savings!

How Serum H2J works?
Serum H2J comes in a 15ml spray bottle.
Within two minutes of activation, the water is hydrogenated, i.e. enriched with active antioxidant hydrogen (H2).
This is also known as molecular hydrogen. This activation is necessary before each use, and will allow the water to be enriched with hydrogen molecules by electrolysis.

We then obtain hydrogen-rich water able to neutralize the free radicals responsible for the cellular degradation of the skin: this is know as hydrogen therapy!

The indispensable asset of Serum H2J: the PEM membrane
Serum H2J is a hydrogen water generator with a PEM membrane that not only increases hydrogen production but also isolates ozone and chlorine from the hydrogen water, which makes hydrogen water both pure and more powerful.
Few models on the market have such a PEM membrane, which is essential for the quality and efficiency of hydrogen water!


Hydrogen concentration tests after activation of Serum H2J

The graph below shows the significant presence of hydrogen (800 PPB of H2) in the water after activation of H2J Serum in 5 different tests (T1 to T5). A sixth test (T6), shown in green below, shows a complete absence of additional hydrogen, not bound to oxygen (water = H2O), the curve being 0 for water not electrolysed by Serum H2J activation.
The activation of Serum H2J therefore transforms the water into Fountain of Youth!

In addition, we can see that the concentration of hydrogen decreases by half every 30 minutes after its activation, which is normal because hydrogen corresponds to gaseous and fine molecules that gradually escape from the liquid.
It is therefore important to use the Serum quickly after activation to get the maximum antioxidant benefits.


Serum H2J: a real elixir of youth for the skin!

The Serum can be used before your usual skincare cream on perfectly cleansed skin, every morning and evening.

Once activated, a single spray is all you need to enjoy the benefits of hydrogen water on your skin.
There is no need to massage it in, once your skin is dry, you can apply your cream.

Also, at the slightest heat stroke or the slightest irritation, you can replace your classic fogger with Serum H2J.
In addition to cooling, it will provide relief and help healing thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect.

It's a beautiful object that fits easily into a bag and is rechargeable by USB cable (included).
It is therefore possible to take it everywhere with you. 


Thanks to its anti-oxidant power, SerumH2J preserves the health and beauty of your skin over time.

It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, useful in particular in case of sunburn or for the most irritated skins (eczema, psoriasis, acne...).
It also maintains the hydration of your skin and thus bring more comfort.
It will make sensitive skin stronger and preserve the youthfulness of your skin.
It can also replace your classic spray to refresh you while providing all its benefits!

Once the bottle of Serum H2J has been activated and the hydrogen water is ready for use, simply spray it onto your face to benefit from the numerous effects of the hydrogen molecules:

  • Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, smoother skin
  • Increased skin firmness
  • Reduction of pigmentary anomalies
  • Increased hydration of the upper layers of the skin: more comfort
  • Reduction of acne inflammation
  • Better cell regeneration: prevention of premature skin ageing
  • Cell protection: anti-oxidant agents neutralize free radicals
  • Soothing effect and protection against UV rays. Great relief in case of sunburns
    Please note that this does not replace your sun protection.


Before the first use:
Before the first use, or after a long period of non-use, it is necessary to "wake up" the PEM membrane.
=> Fill the tank with water either demineralized or distilled or with a low mineral content and leave for 8 hours, then rinse the tank.

Not to do so leads to lower hydrogen production efficiency.

For each use:

  • Add water to your Serum H2J. Use preferably distilled, osmosed, unscented demineralized or very low mineral water to preserve the membrane.
  • Press the on/off button under the bottle to activate the hydrogenation of the water which lasts for 2 minutes (during which the blue, purple and red lights appear).
  • The water, enriched with hydrogen, is ready to use once the lights switch off.
  • Once the water has been hydrogenated, it shall be used within 30 minutes to retain its properties.
    You can then apply the water to your whole face (or the area to be treated) by pressing the spray.

At the activation, if the red colour is solely displayed and the activation lasts for only a few seconds, it is time to recharge your Serum H2J.

It is not necessary to change the water at each use.
Water that has been previously activated can be reused until the tank is empty.
Be sure to refill the water when the bottle is empty.

Several possible uses:
Use daily as an anti-oxidant serum before a skin care cream on a cleansed skin.
Use occasionally to relieve skin inflammation (e.g. sunburn, eczema or acne) or to refresh (practical format).

User guide and USB cable included.
No batteries required: a rechargeable battery is included and allows 20 uses before recharging.






Studies on the use of hydrogen water as an antioxidant

1. The evolution of molecular hydrogen: a noteworthy potential therapy with clinical significance
2. Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals
3. Hydrogen as a Selective Antioxidant: a Review of Clinical and Experimental Studies
4. Consumption of Water Containing a High Concentration of Molecular Hydrogen Reduces Oxidative Stress and Disease Activity in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis: An Open-Label Pilot Study
5. Molecular Hydrogen: New Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Related Diseases
6. Oxidative Stress as a Potential Biomarker for Determining Disease Activity in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis
7. Hydrogen Treatment Protects Against Cell Death and Senescence Induced by Oxidative Damage
8. Hydrogen(H2) Treatment for Acute Erythymatous Skin Diseases. A Report of 4 Patients With Safety Data and a Non-Controlled Feasibility Study With H2 Concentration Measurement on Two Volunteers
9. Hydrogen Water Intake via Tube-Feeding for Patients With Pressure Ulcer and Its Reconstructive Effects on Normal Human Skin Cells in Vitro

Dimensions3.3x3.2x13.5 cm / 1.3x1.3x5.3’’
Tank capacity15 ml
BatteryLithium polymer battery / Capacity: 400MAH
Body material Food-grade PC
Electrolysis time 2 minutes
Number of electrolysis at full chargeAround 20 times
Charging time1-2 hours
Hydrogen content1000 PPB
Charging indicationRed breathing light
Full power indicationSteady blue light
Power shortage indicationSteady red light
StandardCE Certification
IncludedUSB Cable + user guide
User manual Download the Serum H2J user manual
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Customer Reviews
produit intéressant posted the 29/09/2020 by Françoise
Je l'utilise matin et soir avant une crème hydratante, depuis 3 mois environ. La sensation est agréable et le sentiment d'une peau liftée. Les ridules s'en trouvent estompées. En parallèle j'ai aspergé chaque matin une plante d'orchidées en fin de vie et là surprise nouvelles feuilles et nouvelles racines

Très bien posted the 06/05/2020 by Françoise
Je ne sais pas si ce produit "réduit rides et ridules" comme il est dit dans la notice, mais j'aurais vraiment tendance à le croire. En tous les cas, cela fait un bien fou de le sentir sur son visage, le soir avant d'aller dormir après une journée à l'intérieur (pas beaucoup l'occasion d'aller dehors en ce moment...) et le matin au réveil pour commencer sa journée. La sensation de fraîcheur et de bien être qui s'ensuit est garantie! Vraiment génial! Je recommande.

Riche nature ! posted the 17/02/2020 by Goelanne
Très agréable de pouvoir profiter des bienfaits que la nature nous offre avec simplicité. Merci pour cette invention facile à emmener partout avec soi !

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