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Climsom Silk Duvet


Climsom Silk Duvet

Grade A silk duvet, of exceptional quality, no synthetic components or chemical treatments. Tactile pleasure, comfort, lightness, luxury, and softness. Naturally thermoregulating fiber, anti-dust mite, and hypoallergenic.
220 x 260cm // 86.6x102.3″
Silk duvet with cover
Exceptional quality silk (grade A), 185 g/m²
Lightweight and thermoregulating
Comes with a storage and protection cover


Discover the luxury and comfort of an exceptional quality silk duvet:

  • Grade A silk, of exceptional quality (the best in filling).
  • A high density of silk (185g/m2), well above traditional offerings.
  • An exceptional value for money ratio
  • A small transport pouch accompanies your duvet.
  • We care about our customers: we deliver quickly and are always attentive to needs and questions.

The silk duvet comes with a storage and protection cover.
This protects your duvet from:

  • Moisture
  • Odors
  • Dust and stains
  • Dust mites and other insects...



At CLIMSOM, we believe it's the best choice of duvet for the following reasons:

  • PLEASURE of sleeping in a silk-filled duvet is incomparable. The touch is soft, the body envelopment is delicate. Those who have had the opportunity to sleep in a silk duvet know exactly what we mean here. Others will have the pleasure of discovering an incomparable experience.
  • 100% NATURAL. No synthetic components, no chemical treatments. Silk is derived from cocoons... Perhaps that's why it feels like being "in a cocoon"...
  • VERY DURABLE. Its durability will remain absolutely perfect for many years (your duvet will not "move" for more than 10 years). Silk is woven inside your duvet, its distribution is perfectly uniform and will remain so. The cotton percale cover facilitates its cleaning, prevents it from slipping, and makes your duvet more resistant.
  • THERMOREGULATING. It's by far the best choice for a summer duvet as it's very lightweight. In winter, it will retain your body heat. If you are sensitive to cold or you don't heat your room or bed much, you can attach a second duvet to the first one for incomparable "winter" comfort.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT. You'll feel like you're wrapped in a cloud... People prone to heavy legs, hot flashes, or night sweats particularly appreciate this lightness.
  • ANTI-DUST MITE. If you suffer from allergies, you probably know that the mattress and duvet are favored places for dust mites. Without any chemical treatment, silk prevents dust mites from proliferating. Studies show that silk is the most tolerated fiber by people suffering from eczema or dermatitis.
  • SPACE-SAVING. Very thin, the silk-filled duvet is easy to store, easy to transport. We even offer you a transport and storage case.



This duvet is easy to maintain. We simply recommend airing your duvet from time to time. You will rarely need to wash it... but when you wish to, you can do so in a washing machine at a low temperature. As the duvet is thin, it will fit into your washing machine. No need for dry cleaning. Drying on a clothesline is quick and you can even iron your duvet at moderate temperature. No other natural duvet can say the same!

Composition100% mulberry silk filling / 100% cotton percale cover
High silk weight200g/m2 - 4 tog
Silk qualityExceptional, Grade A
Health and comfortAnti-dust mite, thermoregulating
Easy to cleanAeration, machine washable, ironing possible
Space-savingThin blanket, easy to store, provided carrying case
Included giftsCarrying case
IncludedStorage cover
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Customer Reviews
Très bonne qualité posted the 13/12/2018 by Fabienne
la couette est de très bonne facture, idéale pour ceux qui comme moi transpirent. Parfaite pour l’automne ou le printemps. L'enveloppe est de 100 % coton , trés agréable au toucher. Envoie très rapide.

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