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Self-heating eye masks "Spa du Regard"


Self-heating eye masks "Spa du Regard"

10 ready-to-use heating masks to take care of your eyes.
Relieve dryness and eye fatigue.
Reduce dark circles and stress.
10 single-use self-heating masks, fragrance-free
Progressive mask temperature up to 41°C / 106°F
Heats up in open air when out of its bag
Care for dry and tired eyes with humid heat
Ideal after a day in front of screens

17.00€ TTC
Discount with code 'SALES24'

Your eyes are solicited daily and undergo a lot of stress (pollution, make-up, screens, sun, dust...).
It is therefore appropriate to offer your eyes a specific product combining care and relaxation such as the Spa du Regard masks.

You feel uncomfortable and you have dry eyes ?

The Spa du Regard self-warming mask is a real care and relaxation duo for your eyes and eye contours.
It will offer you a moment of deep relaxation, as if you were at the Spa, for a rested and luminouslook.
It relieves tired and dry eyes. 

The mask is very easy to use. No need for a microwave, it heats itself as soon as it comes into contact with the air. 

The mask is filled with a powder (iron powder + activated carbon). When it comes into contact with the air, this powder generates a natural heat that will warm the surrounding water particles. These particles will then be gently diffused on your eyes, in the form of water vapor, and will be beneficial to your look and eyes contour.

The pack contains 10 sachets with a single-use selfheating mask.

The mask pattern may changer depending on the production run.



The eyes and their contour are particularly sensitive, which is why they need specific care especially in case of symptoms such as swelling of the eyelids, redness, discomfort, dryness, tightness, pain, crusts... 

The heating eye mask Spa du Regard acts on 3 different complementary aspects:

For the health:

  • Reduces dry eyes: thanks to the wet heat that will act directly on the Meibomius glands
  • Reduces eye strain, especially from screens

For the skin:

  • Removal of impurities and deep cleaning of the eye area through the diffusion of steam (opening of the pores).
  • Reduction of wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes thanks to the activation of the micro-circulation by the heat.
  • Less tired features and folds around the eyes.

For the mind:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Sleep aid


Relief for dry eyes

Dry eye is a common problem that is diagnosed with difficulty or too late.

Most of the time, it is related to a dysfunction of the Meibomius glands. These glands are used to secrete the amount of oil needed for the lacrimal system to function properly.

The application of moist heat will liquefy the oil in these glands and ensure better lacrimal secretion, which is essential for the nutrition, hydration and protection of the eye.
This heat also prevents the tears from evaporating too quickly.


When to use the self-heating eye mask Spa du Regard?

Symptoms of dry eyes

Benefits of moist heat

Red and swollen eyelids

Grainy sensation


Burning or stinging around the eyes (Periorbital itching)

Crusts on the eyelashes

Irritated, peeling eye area

Painful, watery eyes

Sensitivity to light

Sensation of foreign bodies

Blurred vision

Better lacrimal secretion

Slower evaporation of tears

Better blood circulation

Relaxation of tensions

Optimal comfort



The Spa du Visage self-heating mask is very easy to use.
No need to heat it, just take it out of its bag and the mask heats itself up to 41°C (106°F).

You just have to take the mask out of its bag and unfold it, then apply it immediately by gently separating the two branches. The mask must be used as soon as you take it out of the bag. 

The water vapor will start to diffuse and the heat will gradually intensify (for about 2 minutes) and then stabilize at 41°C (160°F).
Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes.

After 30 minutes (or maximum 1 hour), remove the mask and discard it (the masks are for single use only).
Rinse your skin and apply your usual skin care cream.

Caution: NEVER HEAT THE MASK, it is self-heating!


What's in the box?10 self-heating masks + 1 user guide
CompositionIron powder, activated carbon, expanded vermiculite, salt, water, waterproof non-woven cover
Maximal temperature41°C (106°F)
Recommended time of use30 minutes
CautionNever heat a mask. Do not use in case of inflammation or eye problems. Store the sachets in a clean and dry place. Do not use a pierced or damaged mask.
User manual Download the Spa du Regard user manual
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Customer Reviews
Rituel du soir posted the 24/01/2022 by Anaïs R.
20 minutes pour soi, pour se détendre. Et le stress s'envole !

VRAIMENT PARFAIT ! posted the 14/06/2021 by Marion ESTRINE
Honnêtement c'est un masque juste parfait pour pouvoir ce relaxer en douceur, évacuer le stress, mais aussi m'aider pour le sommeil !! Je valide à 3000%, à la maison nous l'avons vraiment adopté !

Top ! posted the 14/06/2021 by Julie V
Très bon produit et propice à la détente

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