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Coolpad XL Gel - Large cooling pillow x2


Coolpad XL Gel - Large cooling pillow x2

A cooling pillow topper twice the size to keep your head cool, but also your neck and shoulders. Cooling pillow topper recommended in case of migraines and poor sleep.
Also allows wraps to relieve heavy legs.
Pack of 2 Coolpad XL Gel
XL size : 65x50cm // 25.6" x 19.7", suitable to all standard pillows
Ready to use: no activation required
Easy to carry
Relieves hot flashes and night sweats


Maximum coolness guaranteed with the Coolpad XL Gel, the replacement for the famous Coolpad Gel from Climsom. 

Twice the size of traditional cooling pillow toppers, and thanks to its weight (1.8 kg!), it will cover the entire surface of your pillow and offer an interesting thermal absorption capacity. In addition to your head, it also cools your neck and shoulders.


The Coolpad XL Gel is self-cooling thanks to its gel. The properties of the gel allow it to absorb excess heat and thus provide cooling for several hours.
Once you have finished using it, simply put it aside for about 30 minutes and it will return to its original temperature.

There is nothing to do to activate the cooling of the Coolpad XL Gel pillow.
But if you want even more freshness, you can place it in the fridge beforehand. You can fold the cooling pillow in 2 or 4 to save space in your fridge.

The quantity and quality of the gel contained in the XL cooling pillow topper gives it a soft and supple comfort.
You can fold it in 2 ou 4 to enhance the soft comfort, or to facilitate transport for example.

Its hypoallergenic polyester coating makes it resistant, odourless and easy to clean.


4 reasons to choose a cooling pillow topper over a cooling pillow?  

1. The cooling pillows you can find are made of synthetic foam, a material that will be the first to become hot and uncomfortable.

2. By opting for a pillow topper, you keep the comfort of your pillow that you may have struggled to find!

3. Once saturated with heat, you cannot remove your cooling pillow without ending the night without a pillow. However, you will be able to move or remove your pillow topper and keep the comfort of your pillow.

4. Is your cooling pillow not cool enough during hot nights or even a heat wave? It's hard to find a place for it in your fridge!
The Coolpad XL Gel cooling pillow can be folded in 2 or 4 to fit in easily!

The Coolpad XL Gel cooling pillow tooper is suitable to all pillows (75x50 or 65x65cm).
Its dimensions are 65 x 50 cm (25.6" x 19.7").                                                                                          

totocoussin rafraichissant xl gel




The Coolpad XL Gel cooling pillow topper provides the beneficial effects of cold (anti-inflammatory, analgesic and vasoconstrictor).

Its size, covering the whole of your pillow, will allow you to stay cool despite your nightly movements.

For other parts of the body, such as the legs or back, the over-pillow will allow you to relieve a larger area in one go.




The Coolpad XL Gel will help you:

  • Keep your head cool (have you ever turned your pillow over at night to enjoy its cool face?)
  • Improve sleep (you fall asleep when your brain temperature drops by 1°C)
  • Relieve migraines (anti-antalgic, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor effects of cold)
  • Relieve heat during a summertime heat wave (excess heat is absorbed!)
  • Limit and relieve night-time sweating
  • Relieve your skin irritations and inflammations (sunburn, eczema...)
  • Relieve heavy legs and restless legs (by placing the pillow topper under you legs)
  • Relieve Lacomme Syndrome and ligament pain (by placing the cushion at the level of your pain)
  • Activate brown fat : fat-burning effect
    The activation of brown fat can increase the basal metabolic rate by 19%. The effect can last 24 hours and consume about 350 Kcal or the equivalent of a 3 km run.
    50g of activated brown fat can burn 50g of white fat in a single day. Brown fat accounts for 5% of the fat in an adult's body, it is concentrated around the neck and "burns" white fat from the whole body.



As mentioned above, the Coolpad XL Gel requires no activation to use. It is ready to use straight away!

To enjoy its freshness, simply slip it under your pillowcase.
If you want more cooling, you can put it on top of your pillow to be in direct contact with your skin.
For even more freshness, you can put your pillow topper in the fridge for 30 minutes to 1 hour or in the freezer for a maximum of 15 minutes. You can fold it in 2 or 4 to make it easier.

With the pack of 2, you can exchange the pillow toppers as soon as the first one is no longer fresh enough.

It can also be used for the legs, back and stomach.
Flexible and of good size, you can even make wraps.



You can clean your Coolpad XL Gel with a damp sponge and soft soap.
Do not use abrasive sponges or detergents. Do not put in a washing machine or a tumble dryer.

Keep out of direct sunlight. Store your Coolpad XL Gel in a clean, dry place.


Sizes65x50cm // 25.6" x 19.7"
Weight1.8kg // 4 lbs
Interior compositionSelf-cooling gel
External coatingPolyester
Warranty14 days money back warranty
Long-term storageStore it flat in a well-ventilated room, do not put anything on it and do not fold it
PACKPack of 2 Coolpad XL Gel
User manual Download the Coolpad XL Gel user manual
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Customer Reviews
Sensation de fraîcheur très agréable ! posted the 07/02/2024 by Mimeus 974
Très agréable au moment de se coucher mais la fraîcheur ne dure pas assez longtemps. Je remarque tout de même que j'ai moins de bouffée de chaleur. Le coussin est lourd et ferme .

Fraîcheur garantie posted the 01/11/2023 by
J utilisé le coolpad xl gel depuis quelques semaines et je en suis très satisfaite je dors bcp mieux j en ai un sur mon oreiller et un au niveau des jambes

Efficace posted the 14/09/2023 by Vero
La taille est très correcte, la fraîcheur est réelle. Mais difficile d'avoir le XL gel qui reste bien à plat dans la taie d'oreiller.

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