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Migraine Hat Climsom

Climsom Migraine

Migraine Hat Climsom

Climsom Migraine
A 360° cold gel pack specially designed to relieve migraines and headaches thanks to the anti-inflammatory effect of cold. Its high gel content guarantees long-lasting freshness.
Cold compress with self-refreshing gel, quick and easy to use
Long-lasting freshness thanks to higher gel content
Gentle pressure on pain points thanks to the silky, stretchy material
Relief from inflammatory pain
Universal size: head circumference from 42 to 66 cm / 16 to 26 inches




Do you suffer from migraines? Headaches?
You are not alone. It's a worldwide scourge.
According to the World Health Organisation, migraine is
the 3rd most common illness in the world
and the 7th most common cause of disability.

You need a solution to ease the pain...
A solution that takes immediate effect and is easy to use!


The anti-migraine cap is a 360° cold gel pocket. It covers the whole head and adapts to every body shape.
It provides immediate relief from inflammatory pain.
It relieves migraines and headaches by applying cold and pressure.

Many migraine sufferers already use this type of head wrap, which really helps them. The problem that frequently arises is the lack of freshness over time.
The Climsom Migraine cap contains more gel than most cold gel caps. Its gel content is measurable thanks to its above-average weight, which means it stays cooler for longer than other anti-migraine caps.

Weight/gel capacity
One of its strong points is its weight. It weighs 617g, which is about 100g more than the average! It gives you an idea of how much gel this cap contains. And it's of course the gel content and the quality of the gel used that will give it its power and cooling time.

360° gel hat

The entire surface of the cap is covered in gel. When you have a migraine, the sore spot or painful area can be anywhere on your head. So it's vital that the cold can be applied to the whole of your head to make sure it works where it hurts... The exception is at the seam (along the ears), where there is no gel, and that's just as well, because cold gel on the ears is not pleasant!

Blackout properties
As we all know, migraines are often accompanied by sensitivity to light.
The Climsom Migraine cap lets you find yourself in the dark.
You can slip the cap over your eyes and be soothed by the cold and darkness. The Climsom Migraine cold cap has a notch for the nose to fit the shape of the face perfectly and prevent light from passing through.

Easy to use
Simply slip it over your head, or your eyes if you like... For extra freshness, a zipped freezer bag is provided so you can put it in the fridge or freezer. It can also be used warm to relieve other ailments or for a moment of well-being (more details below).

Pleasant to wear
The anti-migraine head wrap is comfortable and soft. Its elastane material is pleasant to wear against the skin and allows it to stretch to fit all body shapes.
These features also provide light pressure over the whole head, which is also important for relieving migraine pain.


The Climsom anti-migraine cold cap has been specially designed to relieve headaches and migraines.
It also offers additional benefits...

Migraine and headache hat relief


Thanks to the intense cold you feel when you put the cap on your head, relief is almost instantaneous.
Cold has a natural analgesic and pain-relieving effect that relieves the tension built up by pain.
Your tense nerves will relax, helping the pain to disappear.
As well as being analgesic, cold is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It will reduce blood flow and local temperature.
The thermal capacity of the Climsom Migraine cap is one of its strong points. It contains a lot of self-refreshing gel, more than any other anti-migraine hat you'll find.
And it's the quantity and quality of the gel that will give the hat its thermal efficiency. This quantity can be measured by the weight of the hat (617gr). The heavier the hat, the more gel there is and the longer the cooling effect will last.
The gel used in the Climsom Migraine cap is a "solid" medical grade gel.


For some migraine sufferers, light pressure on the pain relieves it.
It's true! When you have a headache, who hasn't pressed or massaged the painful spot?
Thanks to its stretchy elastane fabric, the cold migraine cap will exert slight pressure on the pain, helping to reduce it even further.
Here again, the weight of the hat will contribute to its effectiveness.





Migraines or headaches are often accompanied by a particular sensitivity to light. The ideal solution is to lie down in the dark and in a quiet place.
This cold hat lets you cut yourself off from the light by slipping it over your eyes. Its thickness and black colour will plunge you into darkness with a cold and light pressure on your eyes. Happiness in the middle of a migraine attack...
The notch in the nose has been specially designed to adapt perfectly to the shape of the face, keeping out light.



Relieves all inflammatory reactions
Thanks to the cold, the cap has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. It reduces blood flow and lowers the local temperature.
It can therefore relieve a headache, fever, sunburn, sprain, sinusitis or sunstroke.

Helps you fall asleep
If you're having trouble falling asleep, the cold of an anti-migraine hat could be just the thing to help.
We know that in order to fall asleep, the brain needs to lower its temperature by 1°C. What could be better than applying intense cold directly to your head?
This is all the more important when you consider that lack of sleep is one of the causes of migraines...
What's more, equipping yourself with a cooling pillow could well be a complementary way of getting a better night's sleep.

Provides relaxation
The cold has a calming effect. If you're stressed or tired, a head wrap will help you relax and soothe you.

What's more
The Climsom Migraine cap can also be used warm.
The warmth will promote good vascularisation of the eye areas, ideal in cases of eye fatigue or dry eyes (irritations, dry eyes, blepharitis-type infections, styes and chalazion - place a sterile compress between the cap and the eye in cases of infection as a hygiene measure).
This source of heat will also be useful for relaxing the neck and the base of the skull. The cap can be slipped over the neck, nape of the neck and trapezius muscles.
If you are prone to stress, heat will also prevent tension headaches.


Another advantage: the Climsom Migraine cold cap relief is very easy to use and very quick to put on!
Small and foldable, it's easy to transport... and takes up very little space in a fridge or freezer (zip bag supplied).

To benefit from the cold of the head wrap, you can use it directly, as the gel inside is self-refreshing.
If you want to enjoy moderate to intense freshness, here's how:
- For moderate freshness: slip the hat into the zip-lock freezer bag supplied. You can then place it in your fridge and leave it on for 20 minutes. It can also be left on continuously.
- For fast, intense freshness: slip the cap into the zip-lock freezer bag supplied. Then place it in your freezer for a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 7 hours.


You can slip it into your microwave and choose a power setting of 600 Watts for 40 seconds. If it's not hot enough, reheat it in 20-second steps to the desired temperature.

If you don’t have a microwave, you can heat it up in double boiler or leave the bonnet on a lit radiator for a maximum of twenty minutes, protecting it with a cloth. You can use an oven preheated to 70°C / 160°F for 10 minutes without fan heat but this is not recommended as it may dry out the gel prematurely.



ContentClimsom migraine hat + freezer bag with zip
Weight617 gr / 1,36 pound
Size17 cm (H) 22 cm (L) 3 cm (E) / 6.7 in (H) 8.7 in (L) 1.2 in (T)
Gelmedical grade solid gel
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Customer Reviews
Génial ! posted the 24/05/2024 by Elodie COTE DES COMBES
Après 3 semaines d'utilisation, je peux dire que le bonnet ne fait pas disparaitre la migraine mais réduit considérablement la douleur le temps que le médicament fasse effet. Grand confort d'utilisation, je vais en pendre un deuxième pour alterner et en mettre un au frais cet été qui est une période critique pour mes migraines...

Favorable posted the 06/03/2024
Très contente de mon achat, je recommande aux personnes qui ont des migraines cela rafraichit la tête et est très agréable. Pour moi bien sûr !!!

Très efficace posted the 01/02/2024 by Vb
Très pratique. Bon effet antalgique. Complémentaire des traitements anti migraineux pour moi.

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