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All accessories for your mattress topper Climsom

Climsom Mini: Cooling/Heating pillow

This water-conditioned cushion and its thermocontroller allow you to reach the coolest or warmest temperatures, and apply them locally where you need them most. Adjustable down to the degree, from 8° to 48°C (46 to 118°F)!

309.00 € VAT

Code 'HIVER22'

Cool / warm pillow

Cooling/heating pillow only, part of the Climsom Mini package.

49.00  41.65 € VAT

Mattress topper 70x190cm

Single cooling/heating mattress topper for 1 person, part of the Climsom Personal package.

65.00 € VAT

Mattress topper 140x190cm

Double cooling/heating mattress topper for 1 or 2 persons, part of the Climsom Double package. For bed sizes double or larger.

95.00 € VAT

1 meter Hose

CLIMSOM connection accessory

16.00 € VAT

2 meters Hose

CLIMSOM connection accessory

22.00 € VAT

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