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Take care of yourself naturally every day : eye care, facial and acupressure mask, hands and feet creams, refreshing masks...

Code 'HIVER22'

Serum H2J - Unlimited antioxidant water

Hydrogen water to be sprayed on the skin, a powerful natural anti-oxidant that protects the skin from daily aggressions and provides an effective and natural anti-ageing effect.
Serum to be created in a perpetual way, in a zero waste objective.

69.00  62.10 € VAT

Eye Massager Climsom Zen

Take care of your eyes and relax with the Eye Massager Climsom Zen! It relieves eye strain, migraines, helps get rid of dark circle and eye bags, reduces stress and helps you fall asleep.

89.00 € VAT

Self-heating eye masks "Spa du Regard"

10 ready-to-use heating masks to take care of your eyes.
Relieve dryness and eye fatigue.
Reduce dark circles and stress.

17.00 € VAT

Code 'HIVER22'

Self-heating face masks Spa du Visage

Self-heating detox mask for a purifying and relaxing facial treatment and better skin hydration. Pack of 10 ready-to-use masks.

19.90  17.91 € VAT

Acuphoria Mask

Acuphoria Acupressure Mask

69.90 € VAT

Refreshing Masks

Refreshing Face Mask + Mask Eye contour

19.00 € VAT

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